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North Atlantic Treaty Organization Meaning in Urdu

1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Nato : نیٹو - شمالی اوقیانوسی عہدی تنظیم : (noun) an international organization created in 1949 by the North Atlantic Treaty for purposes of collective security.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Bulgaria, Republic Of Bulgaria - a republic in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.

Useful Words

Atlantic - Atlantic Ocean : دنیا کا دوسرا بڑا سمندر : the 2nd largest ocean of world. "Atlantic Ocean separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east"

Collective - Corporate : مشترکہ : done by or characteristic of individuals acting together. "A joint identity"

International : بین الاقوامی : concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations. "International affairs"

Due North - N - North - Northward : شمال : the cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees.

Organisation - Organization : تنظیم : a group of people who work together.

Aim - Propose - Purport - Purpose : ارادہ کرنا : propose or intend. "I aim to arrive at noon"

Security : حفاظت : the state of being free from danger or injury. "We support the armed services in the name of national security"

Accord - Pact - Treaty : معاہدہ : a written agreement between two states or sovereigns.

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