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نمائش : Numaish Meaning in English

Numaish Sentence

Numaish Synonyms


Numaish in Detail

1 of 12) نمائش سابقہ منظر : Preview : (verb) watch (a movie or play) before it is released to the general public.

2 of 12) نمائش : Flourish : (noun) a showy gesture.

3 of 12) فریب نمائش ظاہری صحت : Meretriciousness Speciousness : (noun) an appearance of truth that is false or deceptive; seeming plausibility.

4 of 12) نمائش : Exhibition : (noun) the act of exhibiting.

5 of 12) نمائش دکھانے کا عمل : Demonstration Presentation Presentment : (noun) a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view.

6 of 12) نمائش : Pageant Pageantry : (noun) an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc; usually involves a parade with rich costumes.

7 of 12) دکھاوا نمائش : Splurge : (noun) an ostentatious display (of effort or extravagance etc.).

8 of 12) نمائش اظہار تعارف : Presentation : (noun) the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward).

9 of 12) نمائش : Repertoire Repertory : (noun) a collection of works (plays, songs, operas, ballets) that an artist or company can perform and do perform for short intervals on a regular schedule.

10 of 12) نمائش پیش نظارہ : Preview : (noun) a screening for a select audience in advance of release for the general public.

11 of 12) نمائش : Fair : (noun) gathering of producers to promote business.

12 of 12) دکھاوا نمائش : Parade : (noun) a visible display.

Useful Words

پہلے : Before : earlier in time; previously. "I have never seen you before".

اعلی افسر : Full General : a general officer of the highest rank.

اشارہ : Gesture : motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling. "Good gesture by PM".

یہ : It : Used of a nonhuman entity. "It is out of the question".

متحرک فلم : Film : a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. "This is totally bullshit movie".

کھیل : Drama : a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage. "You played a drama".

عوامی : Public : not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole. "The public good".

بھڑکیلا : Flamboyant : marked by ostentation but often tasteless. "A cheap showy rhinestone bracelet".

دیکھنا : Catch : see or watch. "Didn`t you ever see a girl ?".