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Obituary meaning in Urdu

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Obituary Definitions

1) Obituary, Necrology, Obit : موت کا نوٹس, کسی کی موت کی خبر, اعلان وفات : (noun) a notice of someone's death; usually includes a short biography.

Useful Words

Advance Death Benefit : موت کا پیشگی معاوضہ , Autobiography : آپ بیتی , Biographic : سیرت نگار ی سے متعلق , Autobiographer : آپ بیتی نویس , Noticer : نوٹس لینے والا , Noteworthy : قابل ذکر , Mark : دھیان دینا , Insignificant : حقیر , Notable : قابل قدر , Marching Orders : موقوفی کا حکم نامہ , Ostentatious : پر نمود , Patent : عیاں کرنا , Imperativeness : دباو , Attentiveness : دھیان , Proclamation : باضابطہ اعلان , Resignation : استعفی , Time Deposit : میعادی کھاتہ , Abies Fraseri : چھوٹا صنوبر , Chunky : پست قد اور موٹا , Deposit Account : امانت کھاتہ , Howitzer : چھوٹی توپ , Badger Dog : لمبے جسم اور چھوٹی ٹانگوں والا کتا , Observant : تیز نظر , Abscond : کوئی چیز لے کر بھاگ جانا , Chenopodiaceae : پالک اور چقندر , Component : حصہ , Seating : وہ جگہ جہاں نشستیں موجود ہوں , Asleep : موت کی نیند , Fatal : مہلک , Deadly : جان لیوا , Leave : مرنے کے بعد چھوڑ جانا

Useful Words Definitions

Advance Death Benefit: a percentage of death benefits paid directly to policy holders having a short life expectancy (usually 6 months).

Autobiography: a biography of yourself.

Biographic: of or relating to or being biography.

Autobiographer: someone who writes their own biography.

Noticer: someone who takes notice.

Noteworthy: worthy of notice.

Mark: notice or perceive.

Insignificant: not worthy of notice.

Notable: worthy of notice.

Marching Orders: (informal) a notice of dismissal or discharge.

Ostentatious: intended to attract notice and impress others.

Patent: make open to sight or notice.

Imperativeness: the state of demanding notice or attention.

Attentiveness: paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people).

Proclamation: the formal act of proclaiming; giving public notice.

Resignation: a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign.

Time Deposit: a certificate of deposit from which withdrawals can be made only after advance notice or at a specified future date.

Abies Fraseri: small fast-growing but short-lived fir of southern Alleghenies similar to balsam fir but with very short leaves.

Chunky: short and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature.

Deposit Account: a savings account in which the deposit is held for a fixed term or in which withdrawals can be made only after giving notice or with loss of interest.

Howitzer: a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range.

Badger Dog: small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears; suited for following game into burrows.

Observant: quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception.

Abscond: run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along.

Chenopodiaceae: includes spinach and beets.

Component: something determined in relation to something that includes it.

Seating: an area that includes places where several people can sit.

Asleep: in the sleep of death.

Fatal: bringing death.

Deadly: of an instrument of certain death.

Leave: be survived by after one's death.

Related Words

Notice : اطلاع نامہ

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