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Order meaning in Urdu

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1 of 15) Order : حکم : (noun) (often plural) a command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed.

The British ships dropped anchor and waited for orders from London.
This is my order.

2 of 15) Order, Enjoin, Say, Tell : حکم دینا : (verb) give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority.

She ordered him to do the shopping.

3 of 15) Order : فرمائش کرنا : (verb) make a request for something.

Order me some flowers.
Order a work stoppage.

4 of 15) Order, Dictate, Prescribe : حکم جاری کرنا, ہدایت دینا : (verb) issue commands or orders for.

5 of 15) Order, Govern, Regularise, Regularize, Regulate : اصولوں کے مطابق بنانا : (verb) bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations.

6 of 15) Order, Orderliness : باترتیبی : (noun) a condition of regular or proper arrangement.

He put his desk in order.
The machine is now in working order.

7 of 15) Order, Decree, Edict, Fiat, Rescript : حکم : (noun) a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge).

A friend in New Mexico said that the order caused no trouble out there.

8 of 15) Order : ترتیب دینا : (verb) place in a certain order.

Order the photos chronologically.

9 of 15) Order, Purchase Order : فرمائش, درخواست : (noun) a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities.

IBM received an order for a hundred computers.

11 of 15) Order, Club, Gild, Guild, Lodge, Social Club, Society : انجمن, ہم خیال لوگوں کی تنظیم, سماج : (noun) a formal association of people with similar interests.

Men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today.

12 of 15) Order, Parliamentary Law, Parliamentary Procedure, Rules Of Order : پارلیمانی طریق کار : (noun) a body of rules followed by an assembly.

13 of 15) Order, Grade, Place, Range, Rank, Rate : درجہ بندی کرنا, درجہ دینا : (verb) assign a rank or rating to.

14 of 15) Order, Holy Order : پادریوں کی درجہ بندی : (noun) (usually plural) the status or rank or office of a Christian clergyman in an ecclesiastical hierarchy.

Theologians still disagree over whether `bishop` should or should not be a separate Order.

15 of 15) Order, Ordering : ترتیب : (noun) the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement.

There were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list.

Useful Words

Commandant : فوجی افسر , Call : بلانا , Superordinate : افضل ہونا , Brethren : برادری , Goody-Goody : اپنے آپ کو نیک ظاہر کرنے والا , Enact : فرمان جاری کرنا , Sheriff : تھانےدار , Call Up : فوجی بلاوہ , Strategy : جنگی حربوں کا علم , Adjutant : ماتحت فوجی , Composite Order : رومی ستون , Commander In Chief : سربراہ , Captain : جہاز کا کپتان , Orderly : ملازم , Headquarters : مرکزی فوجی اڈاہ , Lieutenant : فوجی افسر , Headquarters : فوجی اڈاہ , Brass Hat : فو جی افسر اعلی , Marshal : بڑا فوجی افسر , Air Attache : فضائیہ کا افسر , Staff Officer : مشاورتی عملے میں کام کرنے والا افسر , Batman : برطانوی فوجی افسر کا خادم , Saceur : یورپ میں نیٹو اور اے سی ای کا اعلی فوجی افسر , Drill Instructor : استاد فوجی , Retreat : فوج کا شکست کے بعد واپس آجانے کا عمل , Line Officer : جنگی دستے کا افسر , Major : فوجی میجر , Colonel : کرنل , Respectively : حسب ترتیب , Alphabetically : حروف کی ترتیب کے ساتھ , Broken-Down : خراب

Useful Words Definitions

Commandant: an officer in command of a military unit.

Call: order, request, or command to come.

Superordinate: place in a superior order or rank.

Brethren: (plural) the lay members of a male religious order.

Goody-Goody: a person who behaves extremely well in order to please a superior.

Enact: order by virtue of superior authority; decree.

Sheriff: the principal law-enforcement officer.

Call Up: an order to report for military duty.

Strategy: the branch of military science dealing with military command and the planning and conduct of a war.

Adjutant: an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer.

Composite Order: a Roman order that combines the Corinthian acanthus leaves with the spiral scrolls of the Ionic order.

Commander In Chief: the officer who holds the supreme command.

Captain: an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship.

Orderly: a soldier who serves as an attendant to a superior officer.

Headquarters: the military installation from which a commander performs the functions of command.

Lieutenant: a commissioned military officer.

Headquarters: (plural) a military unit consisting of a commander and the headquarters staff.

Brass Hat: a high-ranking military officer.

Marshal: (in some countries) a military officer of highest rank.

Air Attache: a military attache who is a commissioned or warrant officer in an air force.

Staff Officer: a commissioned officer assigned to a military commander's staff.

Batman: an orderly assigned to serve a British military officer.

Saceur: commanding officer of ACE; NATO`s senior military commander in Europe.

Drill Instructor: a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline.

Retreat: (military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy's superior forces or after a defeat.

Line Officer: a commissioned officer with combat units (not a staff officer or a supply officer).

Major: a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines; below lieutenant colonel and above captain.

Colonel: a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines who ranks above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general.

Respectively: in the order given.

Alphabetically: in alphabetical order.

Broken-Down: not in working order.

Related Words

Plural : جمع کا صیغہ , Indent : درآمدی یا برآمدی آڈر , Stop Order : کم دام پر اسٹاک کی خرید و فروخت , Stop Payment : ادائیگی روک دینا , Mail Order : بزریعہ ڈاک چیزیں خریدنا , Act : قانون , Curfew : پابندی , Ban : حکم امتناعی , Prescript : حکم , Closure : بحث کا اختتام , Bid : حکم , Association : انجمن , Armed Forces : کسی قوم کی فوج , Country Club : تفریح کا کلب , Acolyte : پادری کا مددگار , Priest : مسیحی پیشوا , Subdeacon : نائب ڈیکن , Condition : حالت , Position : مقام , Tidiness : سلیقہ مندی , Standardise : معیار کے مطابق بنانا