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Panic meaning in Urdu

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Panic Definitions

1 of 3) Panic : گھبرانہ : (verb) be overcome by a sudden fear.

Don`t panic its me.
The students panicked when told that final exams were less than a week away.

2 of 3) Panic, Affright, Terror : دہشت, گھبراہٹ : (noun) an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety.

3 of 3) Panic, Scare : اچانک خوف : (noun) sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events.

Panic in the stock market.

Useful Words

Anxiety Attack : اچانک شدید پریشانی , Skedaddle : بھاگ جانا , Anxiety : پریشانی , Cooke : امریکی سرمایہ کار , Tragedy : المیہ , Chilling : دہشت پیدا کرنے والا , Awful : خوفناک , Get The Best : زیر کر دینا , Agoraphobia : کھلی جگہ کا خوف , Timidity : بزدلی , Bonanza : غیر متوقع خوشی , Terrific : دہشت والی چیز , Shock : صدمہ پہنچانا , Terrify : خوفزدہ کرنا , Captivation : توجہ , Fascinate : بے سدھ کردینا , Boggle : حیرت میں ڈالنا , Get : تباہ ہونا , Appease : دبانا , Convulse : ہنسنا , Conquer : غلبہ پانا , Overmaster : مغلوب ہوجانا , Conquerable : قابل تسخیر , Bedaze : دنگ کر دینا , Invincible : ناقابل شکست , Agonistic : بحث کرنے والا , Surmountable : قابل فتح , Defeated : ہارا ہوا , Overcome : دبا دینا , Mulishness : اڑیل پن , Unconquerable : ناقابل فتح

Useful Words Definitions

Anxiety Attack: a sudden acute episode of intense anxiety and feelings of panic.

Skedaddle: run away, as if in a panic.

Anxiety: (psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic.

Cooke: United States financier who marketed Union bonds to finance the American Civil War; the failure of his bank resulted in a financial panic in 1873 (1821-1905).

Tragedy: drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance; excites terror or pity.

Chilling: provoking fear terror.

Awful: causing fear or dread or terror.

Get The Best: overcome, usually through no fault or weakness of the person that is overcome.

Agoraphobia: a morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place).

Timidity: fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions.

Bonanza: a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money).

Terrific: causing extreme terror.

Shock: strike with horror or terror.

Terrify: fill with terror; frighten greatly.

Captivation: the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror).

Fascinate: to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe.

Boggle: overcome with amazement.

Get: overcome or destroy.

Appease: overcome or allay.

Convulse: be overcome with laughter.

Conquer: overcome by conquest.

Overmaster: overcome by superior force.

Conquerable: subject to being conquered or overcome.

Bedaze: overcome as with astonishment or disbelief.

Invincible: incapable of being overcome or subdued.

Agonistic: striving to overcome in argument.

Surmountable: capable of being surmounted or overcome.

Defeated: beaten or overcome; not victorious.

Overcome: overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli.

Mulishness: the trait of being difficult to handle or overcome.

Unconquerable: not capable of being conquered or vanquished or overcome.

Related Words

Fear : خوف , Dread : ڈرنا , Freak : ہوش کھو دینا

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