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Path meaning in Urdu

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1 of 4) Path, Itinerary, Route : راستہ : (noun) an established line of travel or access.

That is the evil`s path.

2 of 4) Path, Way, Way Of Life : طریقہ, راہ : (noun) a course of conduct.

The path of virtue.
Our paths in life led us apart.+ More

3 of 4) Path : پگڈنڈی : (noun) a way especially designed for a particular use.

4 of 4) Path, Course, Track : راہ, راستہ, گزر گاہ : (noun) a line or route along which something travels or moves.

The hurricane demolished houses in its path.

Path in Idioms

Lead Someone Down The Garden Path : To mislead or deceive someone.

Useful Words

Paseo : پیدل چلنے کا راستہ , Footpath : پگ ڈنڈی , Astray : گمراہ , Reflex Arc : قوس انعکاس , Roadside : سڑک کا کنارہ , Itinerary : سفر کا راستہ , Flight Path : فضائی راستہ , Aim : سمت , Passage : نالی , Celestial Orbit : مدار , Aberrate : سیدھی راہ سے ہٹنا , Herpes Zoster : شدید اعصابی درد , Bridle Path : گھڑ سواری کی سڑک , Towing Path : دریا کے کنارے پر , Crossing : عبور پٹی , Headwind : مخالف ہوا , Hodoscope : ذرہ بین , Way : رستہ , Thunder : گرج , Chimney : چمنی , Guided Missile : راہبر میزائل , Centrifugal Force : مرکز گریز قوت , Circuit : سرکٹ , Centripetal Force : مرکز مائل قوت , Rollerblade : پہیے دار جوتے پہن کر پھسلنا , Kink : الجھاو , Terminus : آخری اسٹیشن , En Route : براستہ , Cycloid : گول , As The Crow Flies : قریبی اور سیدھے رستے سے , Around : گھوم کر

Useful Words Definitions

Paseo: a path set aside for walking.

Footpath: a trodden path.

Astray: away from the right path or direction.

Reflex Arc: the neural path of a reflex.

Roadside: edge of a way or road or path.

Itinerary: a proposed route of travel.

Flight Path: the path of a rocket or projectile or aircraft through the air.

Aim: the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies.

Passage: a path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass.

Celestial Orbit: the (usually elliptical) path described by one celestial body in its revolution about another.

Aberrate: diverge or deviate from the straight path; produce aberration.

Herpes Zoster: eruptions along a nerve path often accompanied by severe neuralgia.

Bridle Path: a path suitable for riding or leading horses (but not for cars).

Towing Path: a path along a canal or river used by animals towing boats.

Crossing: a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other.

Headwind: wind blowing opposite to the path of a ship or aircraft.

Hodoscope: (physics) scientific instrument that traces the path of a charged particle.

Way: any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another.

Thunder: a booming or crashing noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning.

Chimney: a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building.

Guided Missile: a rocket-propelled missile whose path can be controlled during flight either by radio signals or by internal homing devices.

Centrifugal Force: the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body.

Circuit: an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow.

Centripetal Force: the inward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body.

Rollerblade: travel on shoes with a single line of rubber wheels attached to their soles.

Kink: a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight.

Terminus: either end of a railroad or bus route.

En Route: on a route to some place.

Cycloid: a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line.

As The Crow Flies: by the shortest and most direct route.

Around: by a circular or circuitous route.

Related Words

Hadith : سنت , Warpath : راہ جنگ , Main Line : نقل و حمل کے نظام کا اہم راستہ , Air Lane : ہوائی راستہ , Collision Course : راہ تصادم , Trail : نشان

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