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1) Pathfinder, Guide, Scout : راستہ دریافت کرنے والا, راہبر, رستہ ڈہونڈنے والا : (noun) someone who can find paths through unexplored territory.

Related : Expert : a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully.

Useful Words

Seeing Eye Dog : نابیناوں کی راہنمائی کے لیے تربیت یافتہ کتا : (trademark) a guide dog trained to guide a blind person.

Terra Incognita, Unknown, Unknown Region : نامعلوم : an unknown and unexplored region. "They came like angels out the unknown".

Crossing : مقام قطع : a point where two lines (paths or arcs etc.) intersect.

Labyrinth, Maze : بھول بھلیاں : complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost.

Parterre : باغیچہ : an ornamental flower garden; beds and paths are arranged to form a pattern.

Adviser, Advisor, Consultant : مشیر : an expert who gives advice. "An adviser helped students select their courses".

Arch : چالاک : expert in skulduggery. "An arch criminal".

Geographer : علم جغرافیہ کا ماہر : an expert on geography.

Genealogist : ماہر علم الانساب : an expert in genealogy.

Expertly, Like An Expert : مہارت سے : in an expert manner. "He repaired the TV set expertly".

Prosthetist : اعضا کے جوڑ لگانے والا : an expert in prosthetics. "Need a prosthetist in hospital".

Climatologist : ماہر موسمیات : someone who is expert in climatology.

Guide Dog : نابینا کی رہنمائی کرنے والا تربیت یافتہ کتا : a dog trained to guide the blind.

Blueprint, Design, Pattern : نقشہ : something intended as a guide for making something else. "A blueprint for a house".

Theory : نظریہ : a belief that can guide behavior. "The architect has a theory that more is less".

Test, Trial, Trial Run, Tryout : آزمائش : trying something to find out about it. "A trial of progesterone failed to relieve the pain".

Fix Up : کسی کے لئے کچہ ڈھونڈنا : find (something or someone) for. "I`ll fix you up with a nice girl".

Archer, Bowman : تیر کمان چلانے والا : a person who is expert in the use of a bow and arrow.

Economic Expert, Economist : ماہر معاشیات : an expert in the science of economics.

Strategian, Strategist : تزو بر کار : an expert in strategy (especially in warfare).

Pteridologist : ماہر فرنیات : an expert in the study of ferns.

Antiquarian, Antiquary, Archaist : ماہر عتیقیات : an expert or collector of antiquities.

Commentator, Observer : تبصرہ کرنے والا : an expert who observes and comments on something.

Prosthodontist : ماہر دندان سازی : a dentist who is expert in prosthodontics.

Cicerone : سیر کرانے والا : a guide who conducts and informs sightseers.

Prescript, Rule : حکم : prescribed guide for conduct or action.

Mentor, Wise Man : عقلمند ساتھی : a wise and trusted guide and advisor. "He was my mentor".

Abhor, Abominate, Execrate, Loathe : ناپسند کرنا : find repugnant. "She abhors cats".

Attain, Chance On, Chance Upon, Come Across, Come Upon, Discover, Fall Upon, Happen Upon, Light Upon, Strike : اتفاقاً پانا : find unexpectedly. "It`s been ages we haven`t met now today we came across".

Lose, Mislay, Misplace : کوئی چیز رکھ کر بھول جانا : place (something) where one cannot find it again. "I misplaced my eyeglasses".

Hidden, Obscure : جس کا تلاش کرنا مشکل ہو : difficult to find. "Hidden valleys".

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