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1 of 2) Pennant : جھنڈی, جھنڈا : (noun) a flag longer than it is wide (and often tapering).

2 of 2) Pennant, Pennon, Streamer, Waft : جھنڈا, پرچم : (noun) a long flag; often tapering.

Useful Words

Tricolor : ترنگا جھنڈا , Acumen : نوک , Flag : نشان لگانا , Colors : جھنڈا , Terete : ستونی , Union Flag : برطانیہ کا قومی جھنڈا , Confederate Flag : امریکی وفاقی متحدہ ریاستوں کا عام جھنڈا , Red Flag : خطرے کا جھنڈا , Chile : مرچ , American Flag : امریکا کا پرچم , Halliard : بادبانوں کو اتارنے چڑھانے والی رسی , Capsicum Annuum Longum : نوک دار لمبی لال مرچ والا پودا , Ski Cap : مخروطی لمبی سی ٹوپی جس کے اوپر پھندنا بنا ہوتا ھے , Fanion : فوجی جھنڈا , Oriflamme : سرخ پرچم , Wigwag : خفیہ نظام اشارات کے تحت اشارہ دینا , Lizard : چھپکلی , Obelisk : پتھر کا , Holocephalan : گدھا مچھلی , Scorpion Fish : بچھو مچھلی , Cuneate : تکونیا , Lancelike : نیزہ کی طرح , Black Flag : سیاہ پرچم , Flag Of Truce : سفید پرچم جو جنگ بندی کی علامت ہوتی ہے , Grass Tree : تین سے پانچ فٹ لمبا ایک قسم کا سدا بہار درخت , Mess Jacket : کمر تک کی مردانہ جیکٹ جو کھانے وغیرہ کی تقریب میں پہنی جاتی ہے , Goby : ایک قسم کی چھوٹی مچھلی , Disused : خارج , Outwear : زیادہ چلنے والا , Dead Person : مرحوم , Defunctness : معدومی

Useful Words Definitions

Tricolor: a flag having three colored stripes (especially the French flag).

Acumen: a tapering point.

Flag: provide with a flag.

Colors: a flag that shows its nationality.

Terete: especially of plant parts; cylindrical and tapering.

Union Flag: national flag of the United Kingdom.

Confederate Flag: the first flag of the Confederate States of America.

Red Flag: a flag that serves as a warning signal.

Chile: very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency.

American Flag: the national flag of the United States of America.

Halliard: a rope for raising or lowering a sail or flag.

Capsicum Annuum Longum: plant bearing very hot and finely tapering long peppers; usually red.

Ski Cap: a close-fitting woolen cap; often has a tapering tail with a tassel.

Fanion: a small flag used by surveyors or soldiers to mark a position.

Oriflamme: a red or orange-red flag used as a standard by early French kings.

Wigwag: send a signal by waving a flag or a light according to a certain code.

Lizard: relatively long-bodied reptile with usually two pairs of legs and a tapering tail.

Obelisk: a stone pillar having a rectangular cross section tapering towards a pyramidal top.

Holocephalan: fish with high compressed head and a body tapering off into a long tail.

Scorpion Fish: marine fishes having a tapering body with an armored head and venomous spines.

Cuneate: (of a leaf shape) narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base.

Lancelike: (of a leaf shape) shaped like a lance head; narrow and tapering to a pointed apex.

Black Flag: a flag usually bearing a white skull and crossbones on a black background; indicates a pirate ship.

Flag Of Truce: flag consisting of a piece of white cloth that is hoisted to signal surrender or to ask for a truce.

Grass Tree: gaunt Tasmanian evergreen shrubby tree with slender tapering leaves 3 to 5 feet long.

Mess Jacket: waist-length jacket tapering to a point at the back; worn by officers in the mess for formal dinners.

Goby: small spiny-finned fish of coastal or brackish waters having a large head and elongated tapering body having the ventral fins modified as a sucker.

Disused: no longer in use.

Outwear: last longer than others.

Dead Person: someone who is no longer alive.

Defunctness: no longer in existence.

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Flag : علم

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