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Perspicacious meaning in Urdu

Perspicacious Sentence

Perspicacious of life.

Perspicacious Synonyms


Perspicacious Definitions

1) Perspicacious, Sagacious, Sapient : دانائی, عالم, دانش مند : (satellite adjective) acutely insightful and wise.

Useful Words

Wise Up : حقائق سے آگاہ ہونا , Imprudent : بےپروا , Sagely : عقلمندانہ , All-Knowing : ہر چیز کا علم رکھنے والا , Man Of The World : دنیاوی معاملات کا ماہر , Imprudent : بد تمیز انہ , Inadvisable : نامناسب , Unsophisticated : سماج سے ناواقف , Chaldaean : جوتشی , Mentor : عقلمند ساتھی , Discreetly : احتیاط سے , Discreet : عمدہ , Advisable : مشورےکے قابل , Acutely : شدت کے ساتھ , Wise : دانا

Useful Words Definitions

Wise Up: get wise to.

Imprudent: not prudent or wise.

Sagely: in a wise manner.

All-Knowing: infinitely wise.

Man Of The World: a worldly-wise person.

Imprudent: lacking wise self-restraint.

Inadvisable: not prudent or wise; not recommended.

Unsophisticated: not wise in the ways of the world.

Chaldaean: a wise man skilled in occult learning.

Mentor: a wise and trusted guide and advisor.

Discreetly: with discretion; prudently and with wise self-restraint.

Discreet: marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint.

Advisable: worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent or wise.

Acutely: in an acute manner.

Wise: having or prompted by wisdom or discernment.

Perspicacious in Book Titles

The Little Red Book of Wordplay: -With Perspicacious the Cat.

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