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پھنس جانا : Phans Jana Meaning in English

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1 of 3) پھنس جانا : Stick Sting : (verb) saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageous.

Related : Thrust : impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably.


2 of 3) پھنسا چھوڑ دینا پھنس جانا : Maroon Strand : (verb) leave stranded or isolated with little hope of rescue.

Related : Forsake : leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch.

3 of 3) پھنس جانا : Bog Bog Down : (verb) get stuck while doing something.

Related : Stop : prevent completion.

Useful Words

ایک قسم کی چھڑی یا ڈنڈا : Backsword, Fencing Stick, Singlestick : a stick used instead of a sword for fencing.

ہاکی : Hockey Stick : sports implement consisting of a stick used by hockey players to move the puck.

اگر بتی : Incense Stick : a slender stick of incense that produces a fragrant odor when burned. "Lit the incense stick".

چینی اگر بتی : Joss Stick : a slender stick of incense burned before a joss by the Chinese.

چھڑی : Stick : an implement consisting of a length of wood. "He collected dry sticks for a campfire".

تیار رہنا : Stand By, Stick About, Stick Around : be available or ready for a certain function or service.

داخل کرنا : Enclose, Inclose, Insert, Introduce, Put In, Stick In : introduce. "Insert your ticket here".

لگانا : Affix, Stick On : attach to. "Affix the seal here".

آگے کو نکالنا : Jut, Jut Out, Project, Protrude, Stick Out : extend out or project in space. "Her nose jutted out".

کسی کے ساتھ وفادار ہونا : Stay Together, Stick Together : be loyal to one another, especially in times of trouble. "The two families stuck together throughout the war".

ڈکیتی مارنا : Hold Up, Stick Up : rob at gunpoint or by means of some other threat.

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