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1) Preciosity, Preciousness : نفاست پسندی, نازک مزاجی : (noun) the quality of being fastidious or excessively refined.

Related : Affectedness : the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others).

Useful Words

Dainty, Nice, Overnice, Prissy, Squeamish : کچھ زیادہ ہی محتاط : excessively fastidious and easily disgusted. "Too nice about his food to take to camp cooking".

Elegance : کوئی نفیس شے شائستگی : a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste. "She conveys an aura of elegance and gentility".

Lavishness, Luxury, Sumptuosity, Sumptuousness : پر تعیش : the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive. "He uses luxury goods".

Fastidiously, Painstakingly : لگن کے ساتھ : in a fastidious and painstaking manner. "It is almost a waste of time painstakingly to learn the routines of selling".

Crude, Unprocessed, Unrefined : کچا : not refined or processed. "Unrefined ore".

Daintily : نفاست کے ساتھ : in a refined manner. "She nibbled daintily at her cake".

Raw : خام : not processed or refined. "Raw sewage".

Dainty, Mincing, Niminy-Piminy, Prim, Twee : نفیس : affectedly dainty or refined. "Dainty sofa cover".

Exquisite, Recherche : نایاب : lavishly elegant and refined.

Rarefy, Sublimate, Subtilize : ملاوٹ سے پاک بنانا : make more subtle or refined.

Sophisticate : پیچیدہ بنانا : make more complex or refined. "A sophisticated design".