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Prevent meaning in Urdu

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Prevent Definitions

1 of 2) Prevent, Forbid, Foreclose, Forestall, Preclude : روکنا : (verb) keep from happening or arising; make impossible.

Tight security was in place to prevent the attack on the president`s arrival.
How to prevent him ?

2 of 2) Prevent, Keep : روکنا, رکاوٹ ڈالنا : (verb) stop (someone or something) from doing something or being in a certain state.

We must prevent the cancer from spreading.

Useful Words

Avert : روکنا , Self-Generated : اپنے آپ , Internal : اندرونی , Block Out : روکنا , Bar : روکنا , Gag : خاموش کر دینا , Conceal : چھپانا , Break : روکنا , Keep Up : رات کو جاگے رہنا , Embargo : تجارت پر پابندی , Counterterror : دہشت گردی مخالف , Exclude : داخل نہ ہونے دینا , Confine : روکنا , Counterterrorist : دہشت گردی مخالف شخص , Barricade : ناکہ لگانا , Blindfold : آنکہوں پر پٹی باندھنا , Keep : روکنا , Rain Out : بارش کی وجہ سے متاثر ہونا , Deter : حوصلہ شکنی کرنا , Keep Away : دور رکھنا , Block : روکنا , Except : چھوڑ دینا , Accessory During The Fact : جرم کو نہ روکنے والا , Cramp : روکنا , Immobilise : بے حرکت کرنا , Apotropaic : آفات سے بچانے والا , Asphyxiate : دم گہونٹنا , Block : سگنل روکنا , Disinherit : وراثت سے محروم کرنا , Cover-Up : پردہ پوشی , Baffle : ناکام بنادینا

Useful Words Definitions

Avert: prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening.

Self-Generated: happening or arising without apparent external cause.

Internal: happening or arising or located within some limits or especially surface.

Block Out: prevent from entering.

Bar: prevent from entering; keep out.

Gag: prevent from speaking out.

Conceal: prevent from being seen or discovered.

Break: prevent completion.

Keep Up: prevent from going to bed at night.

Embargo: prevent commerce.

Counterterror: intended to prevent terrorism.

Exclude: prevent from entering; shut out.

Confine: prevent from leaving or from being removed.

Counterterrorist: someone who attempts to prevent terrorism.

Barricade: prevent access to by barricading.

Blindfold: cover the eyes of (someone) to prevent him from seeing.

Keep: hold and prevent from leaving.

Rain Out: prevent or interrupt due to rain.

Deter: try to prevent; show opposition to.

Keep Away: prevent from coming close.

Block: hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of.

Except: prevent from being included or considered or accepted.

Accessory During The Fact: a person who witnesses a crime but does not try to prevent it.

Cramp: prevent the progress or free movement of.

Immobilise: to hold fast or prevent from moving.

Apotropaic: having the power to prevent evil or bad luck.

Asphyxiate: deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing.

Block: interfere with or prevent the reception of signals.

Disinherit: prevent deliberately (as by making a will) from inheriting.

Cover-Up: concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public.

Baffle: hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of.

Related Words

Defend : بچاو کرنا , Hold : جانے نہ دینا , Hinder : روڑے اٹکانا , Block : روکنا