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1. Procession, Emanation, Rise : روح القدس کا باپ اور بیٹےسے نکلنا : (Noun) (theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The emanation of the Holy Spirit.
The rising of the Holy Ghost.+ More

Theological System, Theology - a particular system or school of religious beliefs and teachings.

2. Procession : جلوس : (Noun) The group action of a collection of people or animals or vehicles moving ahead in more or less regular formation.

Processions were forbidden.

Accumulation, Aggregation, Assemblage, Collection - several things grouped together or considered as a whole.

3. Procession, Advance, Advancement, Forward Motion, Onward Motion, Progress, Progression : پیش قدمی : (Noun) The act of moving forward (as toward a goal).

Motion, Move, Movement - the act of changing location from one place to another.

Action - عمل - something done (usually as opposed to something said); "there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions".

Ahead, Before, In Front - سامنے - at or in the front; "I am just in front of you".

Animal, Animate Being, Beast, Brute, Creature, Fauna - حیوان - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement; "Get aside, the animal has come".

Aggregation, Assembling, Collecting, Collection - جمع کرنے کا عمل - the act of gathering something together.

Constitution, Establishment, Formation, Organisation, Organization - قیام - the act of forming or establishing something; "the constitution of a PTA group last year".

Group, Grouping - گروہ - any number of entities (members) considered as a unit.

Holy, Holy Place, Sanctum - مقدس جگہ - a sacred place of pilgrimage; "Holy City of Jerusalem".

Less - کم - (comparative of `little' usually used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning not as great in amount or degree; "of less importance".

More, More Than - مزید - (comparative of `much` used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree; "For how many time more?".

Moving - قابل حرکت - arousing or capable of arousing deep emotion; "she laid her case of destitution before him in a very moving letter".

Creation, Foundation, Founding, Initiation, Innovation, Instauration, Institution, Introduction, Origination - بنیاد - the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new; "she looked forward to her initiation as an adult".

Pentecost, Whitsunday - ایسٹر کے بعد ساتویں اتوار کو ایک مسیحی تہوار جس میں حواریوں پر روح القدس کے نازل ہونے کی یاد منائی جاتی ہے - seventh Sunday after Easter; commemorates the emanation of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles; a quarter day in Scotland.

People - لوگ - (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively; "What do I tell people?".

Regular - ملبوسات کا ایک ناپ - a garment size for persons of average height and weight.

Spirit - نیت - a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character.

Divinity, Theology - علم دین - the rational and systematic study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truth.

Vehicle - سواری - a conveyance that transports people or objects.

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