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Punishable meaning in Urdu

Punishable Sentence

Punishable offenses.

Punishable Definitions

1) Punishable : لائق سزا : (satellite adjective) liable to or deserving punishment.


Useful Words

Crime : گناہ , Crime : جرم , Confess : اعتراف جرم کرنا , Deservingness : مستحق ہونا , Undeserving : غیر مستحق , Deserve : مستحق ہونا , Regrettable : قابل افسوس , At Fault : قصور وار , Damnable : قابل ملامت , Admissible : قابل تسلیم , Peccable : قصور وار , Hapless : قابل افسوس , Cursed : لعنتی , Allowable : مباح , Contemptibly : توہین آمیز طریقے سے , Hateful : قابل نفرت , Admittable : قابل تسلیم , Estimable : نامور , Meritable : قابل مستحق , Contemptible : قابل مذمت , Glorious : شاندار , Inerrable : بے خطا , Trustiness : وفاداری , Estimable : احترام کے لاحق , Dishonorableness : ذلت آمیزی , Untrustiness : بے اعتباری , Admirable : قابل تعریف , Undependable : ناقابل اعتماد , Weepy : رویا ہوا , Accountable : ذمہ دار , Chargeable : قابل مواخذہ

Useful Words Definitions

Crime: an evil act not necessarily punishable by law.

Crime: (criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act.

Confess: confess to a punishable or reprehensible deed, usually under pressure.

Deservingness: the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance).

Undeserving: not deserving.

Deserve: be worthy or deserving.

Regrettable: deserving regret.

At Fault: deserving blame.

Damnable: deserving a curse.

Admissible: deserving to be admitted.

Peccable: liable to sin.

Hapless: deserving or inciting pity.

Cursed: deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier.

Allowable: deserving to be allowed or considered.

Contemptibly: in a manner deserving contempt.

Hateful: evoking or deserving hatred.

Admittable: deserving to be allowed to enter.

Estimable: deserving of esteem and respect.

Meritable: deserving reward or praise.

Contemptible: deserving of contempt or scorn.

Glorious: having or deserving or conferring glory.

Inerrable: not liable to error.

Trustiness: the trait of deserving trust and confidence.

Estimable: deserving of respect or high regard.

Dishonorableness: the quality of not deserving honor or respect.

Untrustiness: the trait of not deserving trust or confidence.

Admirable: deserving of the highest esteem or admiration.

Undependable: liable to be erroneous or misleading.

Weepy: liable to weep easily.

Accountable: liable to account for one`s actions.

Chargeable: liable to be accused, or cause for such liability.

Related Words

Guilty : مجرم