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Obligate : پابند کرنا , Lose : کاروبار میں نقصان اٹھانا , Cope With : پورا کرنا , Deficient : ناکافی , Sufficient : ضرورت کے لیے کافی , Parole : وعدہ , Guarantee : ضمانت دینا , Carrot : اجر دینےکا وعدہ , Swear Off : کوئی چیز یا عادت ترک کرنے کی قسم کھانا , Vow : عہد کرنا , Bright : پر امید , Promissory : اقراری , Promiser : عہد کرنے والا , Pledge : عہد , Betrothal : منگنی , Promisee : جس شخص سے کوئی اقرار یا معاہدہ کیا جائے , Stipulate : وعدہ کرنا , Assure : وعدہ کرنا , Breach Of Promise : وعدہ خلافی , Swear : حلف اٹھانا , Note : بیاض , Borrower : مقروض , Rain Check : بعد کے کسی وقت کے لیے دی گئی دعوت , Alibi : بہانہ , Default : ادا نہ کر پانا , Lose : ہارنا , Hopeless : مایوس کن , Dissatisfy : مطمعن نہ ہونا , Lose : محروم ہونا , Secure : مضبوط , Oath : قسم

Useful Words Definitions

Obligate: commit in order to fulfill an obligation.

Lose: fail to make money in a business; make a loss or fail to profit.

Cope With: satisfy or fulfill.

Deficient: of a quantity not able to fulfill a need or requirement.

Sufficient: of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant.

Parole: a promise.

Guarantee: promise to do or accomplish.

Carrot: promise of reward as in.

Swear Off: promise to abstain from.

Vow: make a vow; promise.

Bright: full or promise.

Promissory: relating to or having the character of a promise.

Promiser: a person who makes a promise.

Pledge: promise solemnly and formally.

Betrothal: a mutual promise to marry.

Promisee: a person to whom a promise is made.

Stipulate: give a guarantee or promise of.

Assure: make a promise or commitment.

Breach Of Promise: failure to keep a promise (of marriage).

Swear: promise solemnly; take an oath.

Note: a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time.

Borrower: someone who receives something on the promise to return it or its equivalent.

Rain Check: a promise that an unaccepted offer will be renewed in the future.

Alibi: a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc..

Default: fail to pay up.

Lose: fail to win.

Hopeless: certain to fail.

Dissatisfy: fail to satisfy.

Lose: fail to get or obtain.

Secure: not likely to fail or give way.

Oath: a solemn promise, usually invoking a divine witness, regarding your future acts or behavior.

Related Words

Annul : واپس لینا

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