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Requisition meaning in Urdu

Requisition Definitions

1 of 2) Requisition : مطالبہ : (noun) the act of requiring; an authoritative request or demand, especially by a military or public authority that takes something over (usually temporarily) for military or public use.


2 of 2) Requisition : مطالبہ کرنا : (verb) make a formal request for official services.

Useful Words

Sequester : ضبط کرلینا , Latrine : بیت الخلا , Guardhouse : جنگی قیدیوں کا کمرہ , Hot Issue : حصص کی ابتدائی نیلامی , Commercial Bank : تجارتی بینک , Triumvirate : تین افراد کی پارٹی , Ticket : کاغذ کا پرز , In Public : عوامی انداز میں , Welfare State : فلاحی ریاست , Firing Party : گولا باری کرنے والا فوجی دستہ , Defence : دفاع , Strategy : جنگی حربوں کا علم , Reenforcement : نئی طاقت کی فراہمی , Militarise : فوج کے زیراثر کرنا , Behest : ایماء , Ask : درخواست کرنا , Expropriation : قبضہ , Cadet : زیر تربیت فوجی , Armory : اسلحہ خانہ , Approved : منظورشدہ , Plea : درخواست , Freedom Fighter : باغی , Offstage : عوام کے بغیر , Comfort Station : عوامی بیت الخلا , Men's : مردوں کے لئے عوامی بیت الخلا , Air : عام کرنا , Display : نمایش کرنا , Debut : پہلی بار منظرعام پر آنا , Open : منظر عام , Denouncement : علانیہ الزام دہی , Straphanger : بس یا ریل کا مسافر

Useful Words Definitions

Sequester: requisition forcibly, as of enemy property.

Latrine: a public toilet in a military area.

Guardhouse: a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained.

Hot Issue: newly issued stock that is in great public demand.

Commercial Bank: a financial institution that accepts demand deposits and makes loans and provides other services for the public.

Triumvirate: a group of three men responsible for public administration or civil authority.

Ticket: a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment).

In Public: something is done, expressed, or conducted in a manner that is observable or accessible to the public. It indicates that an action or statement is done openly or in a public setting, without secrecy or privacy..

Welfare State: a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc..

Firing Party: a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution.

Defence: (military) military action or resources protecting a country against potential enemies.

Strategy: the branch of military science dealing with military command and the planning and conduct of a war.

Reenforcement: a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission.

Militarise: lend a military character to (a country), as by building up a military force.

Behest: an authoritative command or request.

Ask: make a request or demand for something to somebody.

Expropriation: taking out of an owner's hands (especially taking property by public authority).

Cadet: a military trainee (as at a military academy).

Armory: a military structure where arms and ammunition and other military equipment are stored and training is given in the use of arms.

Approved: established by authority; given authoritative approval.

Plea: a humble request for help from someone in authority.

Freedom Fighter: a person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions).

Offstage: not in public.

Comfort Station: a toilet that is available to the public.

Men's: a public toilet for men.

Air: make public.

Display: something shown to the public.

Debut: appear for the first time in public.

Open: information that has become public.

Denouncement: a public act of denouncing.

Straphanger: a commuter who uses public transportation.

Related Words

Demand : تقاضہ , Command : حکم دینا

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