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Respectable   Meaning in Urdu

A respectable woman.
All respectable companies give guarantees.

1. Respectable : قابل عزت - قابل احترام : (adjective) characterized by socially or conventionally acceptable morals.

A respectable woman.

Good - having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified.

2. Respectable - Estimable - Good - Honorable : نامور : deserving of esteem and respect.

All respectable companies give guarantees.

Reputable - having a good reputation.

3. Respectable - Goodish - Goodly - Healthy - Hefty - Sizable - Sizeable - Tidy : بڑا - بہت زیادہ : large in amount or extent or degree.

A respectable sum.

Considerable - large or relatively large in number or amount or extent or degree.

Related Words

Obedience - Respect : والدین کی فرمانبرداری کرنا : behavior intended to please your parents. "Their children were never very strong on obedience"

Reputability - Respectability : قابل عزت ہونے کی کیفیت : honorableness by virtue of being respectable and having a good reputation.

Useful Words

Acceptable : قابل قبول : worthy of acceptance or satisfactory. "Acceptable levels of radiation"

Conventionally : عام طور پر : in a conventional manner. "He usually behaves rather conventionally"

Deserving - Worth : لائق : worthy of being treated in a particular way. "An idea worth considering"

Esteem - Prise - Prize - Respect - Value : قدر کرنا : regard highly; think much of. "I respect his judgement"

Lesson - Moral : سبق : the significance of a story or event. "The moral of the story is to love thy neighbor"

Regard - Respect : لحاظ : (usually preceded by `in`) a detail or point. "It differs in that respect"

Socially : معاشرتی طور پر : by or with respect to society. "Socially accepted norms"