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Rest In Peace meaning in Urdu

Rest In Peace Sentence

May his father rest in peace.

Rest In Peace Definitions

1) Rest In Peace : مرنے والے کے لئے امن کی دعا : (noun) prayer for dead person.

He said rest in peace.


Useful Words

Armistice : صلح کے لئےعارضی جنگ بندی , Requiescat : مرحومین کے لیے دعا , Footrest : نیچا اسٹول , Peacekeeper : امن کو بحال رکھنے والا , Conciliator : مصالحت کرانے والا , Appease : بہلانا , Pacific : امن پھیلانا , Day Of Rest : آرام کا مختص دن , Quietness : آرام کی حالت , Collective Security : اجتماعی سلامتی , Disturb : سکون برباد کرنا , Golden : خوشحال , Peace-Loving : امن پسند , Lean Against : ٹیک لگانا , Alight : نازل ہونا , Land : ٹھرنا , Excite : جھنجھوڑ کر رکھ دینا , Decompress : ڈھیلا چھوڑ دینا , Kneel : عبادت کے دوران گھٹنے کو جھکانا , Eden : جنت , Pacify : امن بحال کرنا , Chiliastic : ایک ہزار سال سے متعلق , Scrap : بچا کچا ٹکڑا , Librate : حرکت میں ہونا , Accumbent : لیٹا ہوا , Relaxing : آرام سے بھرپور , Pit Stop : دوران سفر آرام کرنے کی جگہ , End : کوئی بچی کچی چیز , Roost : پرندوں کے بسیرا کرنے کی جگہ , Convalescence : تندرستی , Dominicus : اتوار

Useful Words Definitions

Armistice: a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms.

Requiescat: a prayer for the repose of the soul of a dead person.

Footrest: a low seat or a stool to rest the feet of a seated person.

Peacekeeper: someone who keeps peace.

Conciliator: someone who tries to bring peace.

Appease: make peace with.

Pacific: promoting peace.

Day Of Rest: a day set aside for rest.

Quietness: a state of peace and quiet.

Collective Security: a system for international peace.

Disturb: destroy the peace or tranquility of.

Golden: marked by peace and prosperity.

Peace-Loving: inclined or disposed to peace.

Lean Against: rest on for support.

Alight: to come to rest, settle.

Land: reach or come to rest.

Excite: stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of.

Decompress: become less tense, rest, or take one`s ease.

Kneel: rest one`s weight on one`s knees.

Eden: any place of complete bliss and delight and peace.

Pacify: fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location).

Chiliastic: relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness.

Scrap: a small piece of something that is left over after the rest has been used.

Librate: vibrate before coming to a total rest.

Accumbent: lying down; in a position of comfort or rest.

Relaxing: affording physical or mental rest.

Pit Stop: a stop during an automobile trip for rest and refreshment.

End: a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold.

Roost: a perch on which domestic fowl rest or sleep.

Convalescence: gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury.

Dominicus: first day of the week; observed as a day of rest and worship by most Christians.

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