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1 of 2) Scholia, Scholium : وضاحتی تبصرہ : (noun) a marginal note written by a scholiast (a commentator on ancient or classical literature).


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Scholiast : حاشیہ نگار , Hexameter : چھ سطروں والا بند , Criticism : تنقید نگاری , Acciaccatura : اختتامی نکتہ , Deed Of Trust : وقف نامہ , Attic : یونانی , Common Chord : سہ جہتی , Half Note : نصف سر , Eighth Note : آواز موسیقی کی ایک لہر , Crotchet : ترنگ , Shake : لرزتی آواز , Annotator : حاشیہ نگار , Grogginess : نیم بےہوشی , Marginally : اضافی طور پر , Marginality : حاشیے کی خصوصیت , Affidavit : حلفی بیان , Babylon : عراق کا ایک قدیم شہر بابل , Address : پتہ کے بارے میں مزید معلومات , Literary : ادب کے بارے میں پڑھا لکھا ہونا یا معلومات ہونا , Poesy : شاعری , Scenario : خاکہ , Historiography : تاریخی لٹریچر , Magnum Opus : ادب کا شاہکار , Literary : ادب سے متعلق , Bachelor Of Literature : ادب میں جامعہ کی طرف سے دی جانے والی سند , Linguistics : علم زبان , Lit : ادب , Academy : جامعہ , Jot : تہوڑی سی تحریر , Modern : دور حاضر کا , Bacchus : شراب کا دیوتا قدیم یونان میں

Useful Words Definitions

Scholiast: a scholar who writes explanatory notes on an author (especially an ancient commentator on a classical author).

Hexameter: a verse line having six metrical feet; It was the standard epic metre in classical Greek and Latin literature.

Criticism: a written evaluation of a work of literature.

Acciaccatura: an embellishing note usually written in smaller size.

Deed Of Trust: a written instrument legally conveying property to a trustee often used to secure an obligation such as a mortgage or promissory note.

Attic: the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken and written in Attica and Athens and Ionia.

Common Chord: a three-note major or minor chord; a note and its third and fifth tones.

Half Note: a musical note having the time value of half a whole note.

Eighth Note: a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note.

Crotchet: a musical note having the time value of a quarter of a whole note.

Shake: a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it.

Annotator: a commentator who writes notes to a text.

Grogginess: marginal consciousness.

Marginally: in a marginal manner.

Marginality: the property of being marginal or on the fringes.

Affidavit: written declaration made under oath; a written statement sworn to be true before someone legally authorized to administer an oath.

Babylon: the chief city of ancient Mesopotamia and capital of the ancient kingdom of Babylonia.

Address: written directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location.

Literary: knowledgeable about literature.

Poesy: literature in metrical form.

Scenario: a setting for a work of art or literature.

Historiography: a body of historical literature.

Magnum Opus: a great work of art or literature.

Literary: of or relating to or characteristic of literature.

Bachelor Of Literature: a bachelor`s degree in literature.

Linguistics: the humanistic study of language and literature.

Lit: the humanistic study of a body of literature.

Academy: an institution for the advancement of art or science or literature.

Jot: a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note.

Modern: characteristic of present-day art and music and literature and architecture.

Bacchus: (classical mythology) god of wine; equivalent of Dionysus.

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Marginalia : تشریحات

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