1. Seep, Ooze : رسنا - ٹپکنا : (Verb) Pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings.

Bit By Bit, Gradually, Step By Step - آہستہ آہستہ - in a gradual manner; "the snake moved gradually toward its victim".

If - اگر - On the condition that; "Even if it fell off".

Leak, News Leak - خفیہ معلومات کا عام ہونا - unauthorized (especially deliberate) disclosure of confidential information.

First Step, Initiative, Opening, Opening Move - ابتدائی - the first of a series of actions.

Pass, Passing, Qualifying - کامیابی - success in satisfying a test or requirement; "his future depended on his passing that test".

Belittled, Diminished, Small - حقیر - made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth); "her comments made me feel small".

Through - رواں - (of a route or journey etc.) continuing without requiring stops or changes; "a through street".

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