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Snappy 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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Snappy conversation. Snappy weather.

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1 of 4. عمدہ Umda شوخ Shukh : Whipping Snappy : smart and fashionable.

Snappy conversation.

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2 of 4. سخت سرد Sakhat Sard ٹھنڈا Thanda ٹھنڈی Thandi : Crisp Frosty Nipping Nippy Snappy : pleasantly cold and invigorating.

Snappy weather.

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3 of 4. خوش وضع Khush Waza خوش لباس Khush Libas : Dapper Dashing Jaunty Natty Raffish Rakish Spiffy Spruce Snappy : marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners.

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4 of 4. چست Chust تیز دم Tez Dam : Alert Brisk Lively Merry Rattling Spanking Zippy Snappy : quick and energetic.

A snappy pace.

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Snappy in Book Titles

Snappy Critters: Easy-to-Make Plush Toys.
Fierce, Strong and SnappySuave in Every Situation: A Rakish Style Guide for Men.

Useful Words

Cold Coldness Frigidity Frigidness Low Temperature : سردی Sardi : the absence of heat. "It`s getting cold, isn`t it?"

Fashionable Stylish : رائج الوقت Raij Alwaqt : being or in accordance with current social fashions. "Fashionable clothing"

Cheerily Pleasantly Sunnily : خوشی سے Khushi Se : in a cheerful manner. "`I'll do the dishes,' he said pleasantly"

Smart : سیانا Seyana : showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness. "Don`t try to be smart, be smart"