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Snuggle meaning in Urdu

Snuggle Sentence

The children snuggled into their sleeping bags.

Snuggle Synonyms


Snuggle Definitions

1 of 2) Snuggle, Cuddle, Nestle : بغل گیری : (noun) a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace.

2 of 2) Snuggle, Cuddle, Draw Close, Nest, Nestle, Nuzzle : باہوں میں لینا, جڑ کر بیٹھنا یا لیٹنا, چمٹانا : (verb) move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position.

Useful Words

At Close Range : نزدیک سے , Close : اختتام ہونا , Confine : گھیرلینا , Immediately : قریب سے , Adjourn : موخر کرنا , Contact : تعلق , Inshore : ساحل سے قریب , Conclude : ختم ہونا , Collapse : بند کرنا , Closely : قریبی طور پر , Propinquity : قرابت , Verge : قریب آجانا , Walk-To : قریب جہاں پیدل جایا جاسکے , Nearby : پاس ہی , Shutter : شٹر بند کرنا , Approximate : تقریباً , Bang : زور سے بند کرنا , Zip : زپ بند کرنا , Flat-Hat : نچلی پرواز کرنا , Boon : قریبی , Isolated : دور دور , Cooperatively : مشترکہ طور پر , Hand-To-Hand : نزدیک , Approximate : مشابہ , Hand To Hand : دست بدست , Seal : بند کرنا , Close : قریبی , At Hand : قریب , Keep Away : دور رکھنا , Dear : جگری , At Hand : متصل

Useful Words Definitions

At Close Range: very close.

Close: come to a close.

Confine: close in.

Immediately: near or close by.

Adjourn: close at the end of a session.

Contact: close interaction.

Inshore: close to a shore.

Conclude: bring to a close.

Collapse: fold or close up.

Closely: in a close manner.

Propinquity: the property of being close together.

Verge: border on; come close to.

Walk-To: close enough to be walked to.

Nearby: close at hand.

Shutter: close with shutters.

Approximate: be close or similar.

Bang: close violently.

Zip: close with a zipper.

Flat-Hat: fly very close to the ground.

Boon: very close and convivial.

Isolated: not close together in time.

Cooperatively: in close cooperation.

Hand-To-Hand: being at close quarters.

Approximate: very close in resemblance.

Hand To Hand: at close quarters.

Seal: close with or as if with a seal.

Close: close in relevance or relationship.

At Hand: close in time; about to occur.

Keep Away: prevent from coming close.

Dear: with or in a close or intimate relationship.

At Hand: close in space; within reach.

Related Words

Embrace : گلے لگانا , Cling To : تھامنا