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Solarize meaning in Urdu

دُہوپ میں رکھنا

Solarize Synonyms

Solarize in Detail

1) Solarize, Insolate, Solarise, Sun : دہوپ میں رکھنا : (verb) expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun.

Useful Words

Burn, Sunburn, Suntan, Tan : دھوپ سے پیدا ہونے والی جلن : a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun. "Tan removal cream in Pakistan".

Radiation, Radiation Sickness, Radiation Syndrome : اشعاعی اخراج : syndrome resulting from exposure to ionizing radiation (e.g., exposure to radioactive chemicals or to nuclear explosions); low doses cause diarrhea and nausea and vomiting and sometimes loss of hair; greater exposure can cause sterility and cataracts and some forms of cancer and other diseases; severe exposure can cause death within hours. "He was suffering from radiation".

Arthur Compton, Arthur Holly Compton, Compton : امریکی ماہر طبعیات : United States physicist noted for research on x-rays and gamma rays and nuclear energy; his observation that X-rays behave like miniature bowling balls in their interactions with electrons provided evidence for the quantal nature of light (1892-1962).

Radiogram, Radiograph, Shadowgraph, Skiagram, Skiagraph : تصویر شعاعی : a photographic image produced on a radiosensitive surface by radiation other than visible light (especially by X-rays or gamma rays).

Aerate, Air, Air Out : ہوا دار بنانا : expose to fresh air. "Aerate your old sneakers".

Sun, Sunbathe : سورج کی روشنی میں لیٹنا : expose one's body to the sun.

Flash : تیز ی سے دکھانا : expose or show briefly. "He flashed a $100 bill".

Air : ہوا لگانا : expose to warm or heated air, so as to dry. "Air linen".

Lay On The Line, Put On The Line, Risk : خطرہ : expose to a chance of loss or damage. "We risked losing a lot of money in this venture".

Gibbet, Pillory : تماشہ بنانا : expose to ridicule or public scorn. "You pilloried me in public".

Debunk, Expose : بے نقاب کرنا : expose while ridiculing; especially of pretentious or false claims and ideas. "Debunk her real face".

Compromise : ناجائز طور پر رسائی حاصل کرلینا : expose or make liable to danger, suspicion, or disrepute. "The nuclear secrets of the state were compromised by the spy".

Muckrake : کسی پر کیچڑ اچھالنا : explore and expose misconduct and scandals concerning public figures. "This reporter was well-known for his muckraking".

Clutch, Get Hold Of, Seize : گرفت میں ہونا : affect. "Fear seized the prisoners".

Amaze, Astonish, Astound : اچنبھے میں ڈالنا : affect with wonder. "You made me amaze".

Blackmailer, Extortioner, Extortionist : بھتہ خور : a criminal who extorts money from someone by threatening to expose embarrassing information about them. "بھَتّہ خور کون کون ہے".

Ulcerate : السر زدہ ہونا : affect with an ulcer. "Her stomach was ulcerated".

Affecting, Poignant, Touching : پر اثر : arousing affect. "The homecoming of the released hostages was an affecting scene".

Stir, Touch : متاثر ہونا : affect emotionally. "A stirring movie".

Color, Colour, Distort, Tinge : متاثر کرنا : affect as in thought or feeling. "My personal feelings color my judgment in this case".

Hurt, Injure : نقصان پہنچنا : cause damage or affect negatively. "Our business was hurt by the new competition".

Engrave : نقش کرنا : impress or affect deeply. "The event engraved itself into her memory".

Smite : کسی چیز سے شدید متاثر ہونا : affect suddenly with deep feeling. "He was smitten with love for this young girl".

Hit, Strike : آ پڑنا : affect or afflict suddenly, usually adversely. "We were hit by really bad weather".

Psychopharmacology : ادویات کا استعمال جو جذباتی حالت پر اثر انداز ہوتی ہیں : the study of drugs that affect the mind.

Blacken, Char, Scorch, Sear : جھلس جانا : burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color. "The cook blackened the chicken breast".

Itchy : کھجلی ہونا : causing an irritating cutaneous sensation; being affect with an itch. "I am feeling itchy".

Military Capability, Military Posture, Military Strength, Posture, Strength : صلاحیت : capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war. "We faced an army of great strength".

Bake, Broil : تپنا : be very hot, due to hot weather or exposure to the sun. "The town was broiling in the sun".

Osteogenic Sarcoma, Osteosarcoma : ہڈی کا ورم : malignant bone tumor; most common in children and young adults where it tends to affect the femur.

Expose, Unmasking : بے نقاب کرنا : the exposure of an impostor or a fraud. "The policeman was exposed through hidden camera when he was bribed".

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