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1 of 6) Suffering, Agony, Excruciation : تکلیف : (noun) a state of acute pain.

2 of 6) Suffering : مصیبت زدہ : (satellite adjective) troubled by pain or loss.

Suffering refugees.

3 of 6) Suffering, Woe : افسوس : (noun) misery resulting from affliction.

4 of 6) Suffering, Miserable, Wretched : دکھی : (satellite adjective) very unhappy; full of misery.

A message of hope for suffering humanity.

5 of 6) Suffering, Distress, Hurt : رنج, دکھ, غم : (noun) psychological suffering.

6 of 6) Suffering, Hurt : اذیت : (noun) feelings of mental or physical pain.

Useful Words

Agony : اذیت , Afflict : تکلیف ہونا , Cruelty : ظلم و ستم , Barbarous : ظالمانہ , Affliction : مصیبت , Agonised : کراہت , Blaze : مصیبت , Compassionate : ترس کھانا , Megalomaniacal : احساس برتری کا , Hardship : مشکلات , Windburned : ہوا سے متاثرہ , Throes : شدید درد , Cataleptic : سکتے میں , Diseased Person : مصیبت زدہ , Cross : دکھ , Depressive : افسردہ شخص , Amnesiac : نسیان والا , Paralytic : مفلوج , Phobic : خوف زدہ , Atrabilious : نظام انہضام میں خرابی , Neuralgic : اعصابی درد سے متعلق , Rheumatic : مریض وجع مفاصل , Asthmatic : دمے سے متاثرہ شخص , Calvary : اذیت بھرا تجربہ , Affliction : آفت , Mentally Ill : ذہنی بیمار , Bed Wetter : بستر پر پیشاب کرنے والا , Colicky : گیس کی بیماری سے متاثر , Rachitic : کبڑے پن کا شکار , Alleviator : سکون بخشنے والا , Spastic : تشنج کا مریض

Useful Words Definitions

Agony: intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain.

Afflict: cause physical pain or suffering in.

Cruelty: a cruel act; a deliberate infliction of pain and suffering.

Barbarous: (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering.

Affliction: a state of great suffering and distress due to adversity.

Agonised: expressing pain or agony.

Blaze: a cause of difficulty and suffering.

Compassionate: share the suffering of.

Megalomaniacal: suffering from megalomania.

Hardship: something that causes or entails suffering.

Windburned: suffering from windburn.

Throes: violent pangs of suffering.

Cataleptic: a person suffering from catalepsy.

Diseased Person: a person suffering from an illness.

Cross: any affliction that causes great suffering.

Depressive: someone suffering psychological depression.

Amnesiac: a person suffering from amnesia.

Paralytic: a person suffering from paralysis.

Phobic: suffering from irrational fears.

Atrabilious: irritable as if suffering from indigestion.

Neuralgic: of or relating to or suffering from neuralgia.

Rheumatic: a person suffering with rheumatism.

Asthmatic: a person suffering from asthma.

Calvary: any experience that causes intense suffering.

Affliction: a cause of great suffering and distress.

Mentally Ill: suffering from severe mental illness.

Bed Wetter: someone suffering from enuresis; someone who urinates while asleep in bed.

Colicky: suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal.

Rachitic: affected with, suffering from, or characteristic of rickets.

Alleviator: a therapist who makes suffering more endurable.

Spastic: a person suffering from spastic paralysis.

Related Words

Pain : ذہنی اذیت , Discomfort : تکلیف میں ہونا , Anguish : کوفت , Hurting : درد , Throe : شدید درد , Miserableness : بد نصیبی , Unhappy : رنجیدہ

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