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Sunder meaning in Urdu

Sunder Definitions

1) Sunder : الگ الگ ہونا, جدا ہونا : (verb) break apart or in two, using violence.


Useful Words

Act Of Terrorism : دہشت گردی , Break Up : ٹوٹنا , Recoverer : کفایت شعار , Pilferer : چوری کرنے والا شخص , Robbery : ڈاکہ , Bump : ٹکرانا , Terrorise : دہشت پیدا کرنا , Pacificism : امن پسندی , Public Violence : دنگا , Spoil : مال غنیمت , Pugnacious : لڑاکو , Absolutism : جابرانہ حکومت , Rampageous : غضب ناک , Robber : ڈاکو , Pacify : امن بحال کرنا , Hot Spot : کشیدہ جگہ , Disarmer : امن کا حامی , Extortion : بھتہ خوری , Crush : دبانا , Bloodthirsty : خون کا پیاسا , Riot : فسادات , Moderator : ثالث , Rough : بری طرح , Harm : زخم , Blasting : نقصان دہ , Decompose : زائل ہونا , Break Through : ٹوٹنا , Mugger : لٹیرا , Homogenise : بالائی ملانا , Break Up : روکنا , Unseal : مہر کہولنا

Useful Words Definitions

Act Of Terrorism: the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.

Break Up: break or cause to break into pieces.

Recoverer: someone who saves something from danger or violence.

Pilferer: a thief who steals without using violence.

Robbery: larceny by threat of violence.

Bump: knock against with force or violence.

Terrorise: coerce by violence or with threats.

Pacificism: the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable.

Public Violence: a public act of violence by an unruly mob.

Spoil: (usually plural) valuables taken by violence (especially in war).

Pugnacious: ready and able to resort to force or violence.

Absolutism: dominance through threat of punishment and violence.

Rampageous: displaying raging violence; often destructive.

Robber: a thief who steals from someone by threatening violence.

Pacify: fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location).

Hot Spot: a place of political unrest and potential violence.

Disarmer: someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes.

Extortion: the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence).

Crush: to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition.

Bloodthirsty: marked by eagerness to resort to violence and bloodshed.

Riot: a state of disorder involving group violence.

Moderator: someone who mediates disputes and attempts to avoid violence.

Rough: with roughness or violence (`rough` is an informal variant for `roughly`).

Harm: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc..

Blasting: causing injury or blight; especially affecting with sudden violence or plague or ruin.

Decompose: break down.

Break Through: break out.

Mugger: a robber who takes property by threatening or performing violence on the person who is robbed (usually on the street).

Homogenise: break up the fat globules of.

Break Up: make a break in.

Unseal: break the seal of.

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