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Suppose meaning in Urdu

Suppose Sentences

Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps.
This step presupposes two prior ones.

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1 of 3) Suppose, Guess, Imagine, Opine, Reckon, Think : تصور کرنا : (verb) expect, believe, or suppose.

Related : Expect : regard something as probable or likely.


2 of 3) Suppose, Conjecture, Hypothecate, Hypothesise, Hypothesize, Speculate, Theorise, Theorize : قیاس کرنا, تکہ مارنا : (verb) to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds.

Related : Retrace : reassemble mentally. Expect : regard something as probable or likely. Formulate : elaborate, as of theories and hypotheses.

3 of 3) Suppose, Presuppose : لازمی ہونا, ضروری ہونا : (verb) require as a necessary antecedent or precondition.

Related : Logic : the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference. Imply : suggest as a logically necessary consequence; in logic.

Useful Words

Believe : یقین کرنا : accept as true; take to be true. "How do I make you believe ?".

Especially, Particularly, Peculiarly, Specially : خاص طور پر : to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common. "He was particularly fussy about spelling".

Dry Land, Earth, Ground, Land, Solid Ground, Terra Firma : زمین : the solid part of the earth's surface. "The plane turned away from the sea and moved back over land".

Probationary, Provisional, Provisionary, Tentative : عارضی : under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon. "Probationary employees".

Incertain, Uncertain, Unsure : مذبذب : lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance. "Uncertain of his convictions".

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