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Take Hold Of Meaning in Urdu

1. Take Hold Of - Catch - Grab : تھامنا - پکڑنا : (verb) take hold of so as to seize or restrain or stop the motion of.

Fish - catch or try to catch fish or shellfish.

Useful Words

Clasp - Clench - Clutch - Clutches - Grasp - Grip - Hold : پکڑ : the act of grasping. "He released his clasp on my arm"

Gesticulate - Gesture - Motion : اشارہ کرنا : show, express or direct through movement. "He gestured his desire to leave"

Hold Back - Keep - Keep Back - Restrain : قابو میں رکھنا : keep under control; keep in check. "Suppress a smile"

Appropriate - Capture - Conquer - Seize : فتح کرنا : take possession of by force, as after an invasion. "The army seized the town"

So : تو : for this reason; therefore. "So what else"

Halt - Stop : رکنا : come to a halt, stop moving. "Stop it now"

Conduct - Direct - Guide - Lead - Take : لے جانا : take somebody somewhere. "Lead me somewhere"

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