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Take Off meaning in Urdu

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Do not take off your shirt.

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1 of 8) Take Off : کپڑے اتارنا : (verb) remove clothes.

Take off your shirt--it`s very hot in here.

Related : Undress : get undressed. Uncloak : remove a cloak from. Doff : remove.


2 of 8) Take Off, Depart, Part, Set Forth, Set Off, Set Out, Start, Start Out : چلے جانا, روانہ ہونا : (verb) leave.

Related : Leave : go away from a place. Blaze Out : move rapidly and as if blazing.

3 of 8) Take Off : اتارنا : (verb) take away or remove.

Related : Undress : get undressed. Withdraw : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

4 of 8) Take Off, Lift Off : پرواز کر جانا : (verb) depart from the ground.

5 of 8) Take Off, Take Time Off : وقفہ لینا : (verb) take time off from work; stop working temporarily.

Related : Interrupt : make a break in.

6 of 8) Take Off, Get Off The Ground : چالو ہونا, متحرک ہوجانا : (verb) get started or set in motion, used figuratively.

7 of 8) Take Off : مہلک ثابت ہونا : (verb) prove fatal.

Related : Kill : cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly.

8 of 8) Take Off, Deduct, Subtract : منہا کرنا, کم کرنا, گھٹانا : (verb) make a subtraction.

Related : Arithmetic : the branch of pure mathematics dealing with the theory of numerical calculations. Work Out : make a mathematical calculation or computation.

Take Off in Book Titles

Take Off: The humble beginnings of a Pop sensation.

Useful Words

Apparel, Clothe, Dress, Enclothe, Fit Out, Garb, Garment, Habilitate, Raiment, Tog : لباس فراہم کرنا : provide with clothes or put clothes on. "Parents must feed and dress their child".

Leave : اجازت دینا : permission to do something. "Well, I will leave now".

Remove, Take, Take Away, Withdraw : نکالنا : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract. "Why I was removed?".

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