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Target meaning in Urdu

Target Sentence

The target of a manhunt.

Target Synonyms


Target Definitions

1 of 4) Target, Mark : ہدف, نشان : (noun) a reference point to shoot at.

2 of 4) Target, Aim, Direct, Place, Point : طرف کرنا : (verb) intend (something) to move towards a certain goal.

3 of 4) Target, Fair Game, Prey, Quarry : حملہ کرنا, لوٹنا, شکار : (noun) a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence.

4 of 4) Target, Aim, Object, Objective : مقصد, نشانہ, ہدف : (noun) the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable).

Useful Words

Home In : نشانے پر لینا , Undershoot : ہدف کے نیچے نشانہ لگانا , Wide : ہدف سے دور , Point-Blank : نشانہ , Target Killer : ہدف بناکر قتل کرنے والا , Hostile Takeover : جبری تحویل , Air Attack : ہوائی حملہ , Tenpin Bowling : دست , Agent-In-Place : خفیہ مخبر , Homing Torpedo : جہاز کا پیچھا کرنے والا آبی بم , Air-To-Ground Missile : ہوا سے زمین پر مارنے والا میزائیل , 3d Radar : تین جہتی ریڈار , Barrage : گولا باری , Surgical Strike : مخصوص ہدف پر اچانک حملہ , Hit : حملہ کرنا , Pointed : نشان زدہ , Hostile : قابو کرنے والی , Torpedo : تار پیڈو , Abney Level : سطح جانچنے کا آلہ , Concentrated Fire : مختلف ہتھیاروں سے ایک جگہ کو نشانہ بنانے کا عمل , Orient : اپنی جگہ کا تعین کرنا , Butt Shaft : بے نوک تیر , Criterion : کسوٹی , Firing Range : فائرنگ سیکھنے کی جگہ , Pick Off : چن چن کر مارنا , Down : مار گرانا , Gun Down : گولی مار کر قتل کرنا , Machine Gun : مشین گن سے مارنا , Blaze : گولیاں مارنا , Rocket : آسمان کو چھونا , Ack-Ack : طیارہ شکن توپ

Useful Words Definitions

Home In: direct onto a point or target, especially by automatic navigational aids.

Undershoot: shoot short of or below (a target).

Wide: not on target.

Point-Blank: close enough to go straight to the target.

Target Killer: a person who engage in target killing.

Hostile Takeover: a takeover that is resisted by the management of the target company.

Air Attack: an attack by armed planes on a surface target.

Tenpin Bowling: bowling down an alley at a target of ten wooden pins.

Agent-In-Place: an operative serving as a penetration into an intelligence target.

Homing Torpedo: a torpedo that is guided to its target (as by the sound of a ship`s engines).

Air-To-Ground Missile: a missile designed to be launched from an airplane at a target on the ground.

3d Radar: radar that will report altitude as well as azimuth and distance of a target.

Barrage: the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target.

Surgical Strike: an attack (usually without prior warning) intended to deal only with a specific target.

Hit: make a strategic, offensive, assault against an enemy, opponent, or a target.

Pointed: direct and obvious in meaning or reference; often unpleasant.

Hostile: unsolicited and resisted by the management of the target company ( used of attempts to buy or take control of a business).

Torpedo: armament consisting of a long cylindrical self-propelled underwater projectile that detonates on contact with a target.

Abney Level: a surveying instrument consisting of a spirit level and a sighting tube; used to measure the angle of inclination of a line from the observer to the target.

Concentrated Fire: fire from two or more weapons directed at a single target or area (as fire by batteries of two or more warships).

Orient: determine one`s position with reference to another point.

Butt Shaft: a blunt arrow without a barb; an arrow used for target practice.

Criterion: a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated.

Firing Range: a practice range for target practice.

Pick Off: shoot one by one.

Down: shoot at and force to come down.

Gun Down: strike down or shoot down.

Machine Gun: shoot with a machine gun.

Blaze: shoot rapidly and repeatedly.

Rocket: shoot up abruptly, like a rocket.

Ack-Ack: artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes.

Related Words

End : منزل مقصود , Point : موضوع , Point Of Reference : اشارہ کرنے والا , Victim : مظلوم , Address : سوال کرنا , Aim : تاننا

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