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ٹھِکانا : Thikana Meaning in English

Thikana Synonyms

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Thikana in Detail

1. Haven, Oasis : ٹھکانا Thikana : (noun) a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary.

Related : Shelter : a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger.

2. Abode, Residence : ٹھکانا Thikana, رہایش Rehaish, مسکن Muskn : (noun) any address at which you dwell more than temporarily.

Related : Address : the place where a person or organization can be found or communicated with. Legal Residence : (law) the residence where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return; every person is compelled to have one and only one domicile at a time.

3. Place, Spot, Topographic Point : جگہ Jaga, ٹھکانا Thikana, نشان Nishaan : (noun) a point located with respect to surface features of some region.

Related : Tomb : a place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone). Junction : the place where two or more things come together.

Useful Words

Bunyadi Zarb, Asami, Jaga : Place : the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another. "Can you go in my stead?"

Muqaam, Girjay Ka Sadar..., Pana, Pak Jaga Jesay ... : Sanctuary : a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept.

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