Unannounced Unanimously Unanimous Unanimity Unambitious Unambiguously Unambiguous Unalterably Unanswerable Unanswered Unanticipated Unappareled Unappealable Unappealingly Unappeasable Unappetising Unappetizing Unappreciated Unappreciatively Unapproachable

Unanswerable meaning in Urdu

Unanswerable Sentence

An unanswerable argument.

Unanswerable Definitions

1) Unanswerable : ناقابل جواب : (satellite adjective) impossible to answer.


Useful Words

Invisible : پوشیدہ , Come Back : جواب میں دینا , Q&a : سوال اور جواب , Field : کامیابی اور پھرتی سے جواب دینا , Ask : پوچھنا , Plea : حجت , Answer : جواب دینا , Arraign : کٹہرے میں لانا , Sass : گستاخانہ جواب , Equivocator : مبہم گو , Plea : دلیل , Nolo Contendere : ایک قسم کا قانون , Guarantee : ضمانت نامہ , Receptionist : استقبال کرنے والی یا والا , Chat Show : سیاست یا کسی اور موضوع پر مبنی ٹی وی پروگرام , Parlormaid : گھر کی دیکھ بھال کرنے والی ملازمہ , Quenchless : جسے بجھایا نہ جا سکے , Insatiable : اطمینان دلانا ناممکن ہو , Impenetrable : ناقابل فہم , Immeasurable : ناقابل پیمائش , Insuperable : ناقابل عبور , Close Out : خارج کر دینا , Irreplaceable : جس کو تبدیل نہ کیا جا سکے , Unlikable : پسند نہ آنے والا , Indomitable : بے قابو , Unforgettable : ناقابل فراموش , Leading Question : ایمائی سوال , Irrepressible : جس کو قابو نہ کیا جاسکے , Indisputable : جس میں شک کی کوئی گنجائش نہ ہو , Inaudible : جو سنا نہ جا سکتا ہو , Indivisible : ناقابل تقسیم

Useful Words Definitions

Invisible: impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye.

Come Back: answer back.

Q&a: Question and Answer.

Field: answer adequately or successfully.

Ask: direct or put; seek an answer to.

Plea: an answer indicating why a suit should be dismissed.

Answer: give the correct answer or solution to.

Arraign: call before a court to answer an indictment.

Sass: answer back in an impudent or insolent manner.

Equivocator: a respondent who avoids giving a clear direct answer.

Plea: (law) a defendant's answer by a factual matter (as distinguished from a demurrer).

Nolo Contendere: (law) an answer of `no contest` by a defendant who does not admit guilt but that subjects him to conviction.

Guarantee: a collateral agreement to answer for the debt of another in case that person defaults.

Receptionist: a secretary whose main duty is to answer the telephone and receive visitors.

Chat Show: a program during which well-known people discuss a topic or answer questions telephoned in by the audience.

Parlormaid: a maid in a private home whose duties are to care for the parlor and the table and to answer the door.

Quenchless: impossible to quench.

Insatiable: impossible to satisfy.

Impenetrable: impossible to understand.

Immeasurable: impossible to measure.

Insuperable: impossible to surmount.

Close Out: make impossible, especially beforehand.

Irreplaceable: impossible to replace.

Unlikable: difficult or impossible to like.

Indomitable: impossible to subdue.

Unforgettable: impossible to forget.

Leading Question: a question phrased in such a way as to suggest the desired answer; a lawyer may ask leading questions on cross-examination.

Irrepressible: impossible to repress or control.

Indisputable: impossible to doubt or dispute.

Inaudible: impossible to hear; imperceptible by the ear.

Indivisible: impossible of undergoing division.

Related Words

Incontestable : ناقابل تردید

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