Unneighbourly Unneighborly Unneeded Unnecessary Unnecessarily Unnaturally Unnatural Unnamed Unnerve Unnoticeable Unnoticeably Unnoticed Unnumberable Unnumbered Unnumerable Unobjectionable Unobliging Unobservable Unobservant Unobserved

Unnerve   Meaning in Urdu

1. Unnerve - Enervate - Faze - Unsettle : تنگ کرنا - بے آرام کرنا : (verb) disturb the composure of.

Unman - cause to lose one's nerve.

Useful Words

Calm - Calmness - Composure - Equanimity : سکون : steadiness of mind under stress. "He calmed down"

Disturb - Trouble - Upset : پریشان کرنا : move deeply. "This book upset me"

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