Unveil Unvarying Unvarnished Unvanquishable Unvalued Unuttered Unutterably Unutterable Unveiling Unvendible Unventilated Unverbalised Unverbalized Unvigilant Unvoiced Unvoluntary Unwanted Unwantedly Unwarily Unwarmed

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Deb : پہلی بار منظرعام پر آنے والی لڑکی , Notebook Entry : کتاب میں درج , Encroachment : بلا اجازت داخلہ , Admit : داخل ہونے کی اجازت دینا , Encroachment : قبضہ , Barred : بند , Debit : واجب الادا رقم , Induction : تقرر , Trial Balance : جانچ میزان , Through : شروع سے آخر تک , De Novo : ابتداء سے , Ab Initio : شروع میں , Opening : افتتاحی , Around : ہر وقت , Dateless : دائمی , Recommencement : دوبارہ حصول , Start : شروع کرنا , Adjusting Entry : موافق کرنے والا حساب , Nascent : نومولود , In-Between : وسطی , Budding : ا بھرتا , Emergence : برآمدگی , Alpha : پہل , Conception : شروعات , Oncoming : آغاز , Middle : درمیانی وقت , 1st : پہلا , Abecedarian : حروف کی ترتیب , All Right : ٹھیک ہے , Adolescence : نوعمری , Head Start : تیز شروعات

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Deb: a young woman making her debut into society.

Notebook Entry: an entry in a notebook.

Encroachment: entry to another`s property without right or permission.

Admit: allow to enter; grant entry to.

Encroachment: any entry into an area not previously occupied.

Barred: preventing entry or exit or a course of action.

Debit: an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing.

Induction: a formal entry into an organization or position or office.

Trial Balance: a balance of debits and credits in double-entry bookkeeping; drawn up to test their equality.

Through: from beginning to end.

De Novo: from the beginning.

Ab Initio: at the beginning.

Opening: first or beginning.

Around: from beginning to end; throughout.

Dateless: having no known beginning and presumably no end.

Recommencement: beginning again.

Start: the beginning of anything.

Adjusting Entry: an accounting entry made at the end of an accounting period to allocate items between accounting periods.

Nascent: being born or beginning.

In-Between: being neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series.

Budding: beginning to develop.

Emergence: the gradual beginning or coming forth.

Alpha: the beginning of a series or sequence.

Conception: the event that occurred at the beginning of something.

Oncoming: the beginning or early stages.

Middle: time between the beginning and the end of a temporal period.

1st: indicating the beginning unit in a series.

Abecedarian: alphabetically arranged (as for beginning readers).

All Right: an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence.

Adolescence: the time period between the beginning of puberty and adulthood.

Head Start: the advantage gained by beginning early (as in a race).

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Beginning : آغاز

جان بُوجھ کَر