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Vertiginous meaning in Urdu

Vertiginous Sentence

A vertiginous climb up the face of the cliff.

Vertiginous Synonyms

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Vertiginous in Detail

1) Vertiginous, Dizzy, Giddy, Woozy : چکر آنا : (satellite adjective) having or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling.

Related : Sick : affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function.

Useful Words

Dangerous, Unsafe : خطرناک : involving or causing danger or risk; liable to hurt or harm. "A dangerous criminal".

Creepy, Creepy-Crawly : رینگنے کا احساس : causing a sensation as of things crawling on your skin. "A creepy story".

Biting, Bitter : چبھتا : causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold. "Bitter cold".

Itchy : کھجلی ہونا : causing an irritating cutaneous sensation; being affect with an itch. "I am feeling itchy".

Hot : گرم : used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning. "Aren`t you feeling the cold?".

Dizzily, Giddily, Light-Headedly : چکراۓ ہوۓ انداز سے : in a giddy light-headed manner. "He walked around dizzily".

Raining : بارش : falling in drops or as if falling like rain. "Watched the raining apple blossoms".

Stun, Stupefy : بد حواس کر دینا : make senseless or dizzy by or as if by a blow. "Stun fish".

Kinetosis, Motion Sickness : بے چینی : the state of being dizzy or nauseated because of the motions that occur while traveling in or on a moving vehicle.

Whirlwind : گرد کا بھنور : a more or less vertical column of air whirling around itself as it moves over the surface of the Earth.

Whirler, Whirling Dervish : ملنگ : a dervish whose actions include ecstatic dancing and whirling. "I asked to a whirler".