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Voguish meaning in Urdu

Voguish Sentences

A suit of voguish cut.
Voguish terminology.

Voguish Synonyms


Voguish Definitions

1 of 2) Voguish, Chic, Smart : فیشن والا : (satellite adjective) elegant and stylish.

2 of 2) Voguish, Trendy : جدید فیشن کے مطابق : (satellite adjective) in accord with the latest fad.

Useful Words

Modishly : فیشن کے طور پر , Snazzy : چمک دمک والا , Stylishly : خوش اسلوبی سے , Snappy : عمدہ , Clean-Cut : صاف ستھرا , Ungroomed : جو صاف ستھرا نہ ہو , Slick Up : بنانا , Dapperness : خوش وضعی , Groomed : سنورا , Neatness : صفائی , Glossy : نمود نمائش والا , High-Class : اعلی , De Luxe : شان , Ritzy : نمائشی طور پر , Classy : شاندار , Awkward : بھدا , Exquisite : نایاب , Chiffonier : خانہ دار الماری , Elegantly : شائستگی سے , Salon : بیٹھک , Right Smart : بہت , Accord : ہم آہنگ ہونا , Elegant : شائستہ , Craze : شوق , Latest : تازہ ترین , Fashionable : ڈھنگ کا

Useful Words Definitions

Modishly: in a stylish manner.

Snazzy: flashily stylish.

Stylishly: in a stylish manner.

Snappy: smart and fashionable.

Clean-Cut: neat and smart in appearance.

Ungroomed: not neat and smart in appearance.

Slick Up: make neat, smart, or trim.

Dapperness: stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance.

Groomed: neat and smart in appearance; well cared for.

Neatness: the state of being neat and smart and trim.

Glossy: superficially attractive and stylish; suggesting wealth or expense.

High-Class: pretentiously elegant.

De Luxe: elegant and sumptuous.

Ritzy: luxuriously elegant.

Classy: elegant and fashionable.

Awkward: not elegant or graceful in expression.

Exquisite: lavishly elegant and refined.

Chiffonier: a tall elegant chest of drawers.

Elegantly: with elegance; in a tastefully elegant manner.

Salon: elegant sitting room where guests are received.

Right Smart: to a great degree or by a great distance; very much (`right smart' is regional in the United States).

Accord: go together.

Elegant: refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style.

Craze: an interest followed with exaggerated zeal.

Latest: up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date.

Fashionable: having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress.