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Voluntary meaning in Urdu

Voluntary Sentence

Man is a voluntary agent.

Voluntary Synonyms


Voluntary Definitions

1 of 2) Voluntary, Military Volunteer, Volunteer : رضاکارنہ طور پر فوج میں بھرتی ہونے والا : (noun) (military) a person who freely enlists for service.

2 of 2) Voluntary : آزادی کے ساتھ, رضاکارنہ طور پر : (adjective) of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled.

Participation was voluntary.
Voluntary manslaughter.+ More

Useful Words

Recruiter : بھرتی کرنے والا , Contribution : چندہ , Unpaid Worker : رضاکار , Shirker : کام چور , Volunteer : اپنی مرضی سے بلا معاوضہ کام کرنا , Guardhouse : جنگی قیدیوں کا کمرہ , Home Guard : رضاکاروں کا فوج , Conscription : جبری بھرتی , Conscript : جبری سپاہی , Demob : فوج خدمات کو خیرباد کہنا , Battle Dress : فوجی محاز کا لباس , Terminal Leave : اختتامی رخصت , Duty Tour : فوجی سروس کی دور , Philanthropic Gift : خدمت خلق , Alms-Giving : زکوة , Animal : حیوان , Penance : کفارہ , Hunger Strike : بھوک ہڑتال , Dyskinesia : ارادی طور پر اعضا وغیرہ کا حرکت نہ کر سکنا , Selective Service : کسی عسکری شاخ میں جبری خدمت گزاری , Stripe : فوجی نشان , Coastguard : ساحلی محافظ , Firing Party : گولا باری کرنے والا فوجی دستہ , Defence : دفاع , Strategy : جنگی حربوں کا علم , Reenforcement : نئی طاقت کی فراہمی , Militarise : فوج کے زیراثر کرنا , Catalepsy : سکتہ , Dyschezia : پاخانہ کرنے میں مشکل کا پیش آنا , Requisition : مطالبہ , Cadet : زیر تربیت فوجی

Useful Words Definitions

Recruiter: an official who enlists personnel for military service.

Contribution: a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause.

Unpaid Worker: a person who performs voluntary work.

Shirker: a person who shirks his work or duty (especially one who tries to evade military service in wartime).

Volunteer: do volunteer work.

Guardhouse: a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained.

Home Guard: a volunteer unit formed to defend the homeland while the regular army is fighting elsewhere.

Conscription: compulsory military service.

Conscript: someone who is drafted into military service.

Demob: retire from military service.

Battle Dress: a military uniform designed for field service.

Terminal Leave: final leave before discharge from military service.

Duty Tour: a period of time spent in military service.

Philanthropic Gift: voluntary promotion of human welfare.

Alms-Giving: making voluntary contributions to aid the poor.

Animal: a living organism characterized by voluntary movement.

Penance: voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing.

Hunger Strike: a voluntary fast undertaken as a means of protest.

Dyskinesia: abnormality in performing voluntary muscle movements.

Selective Service: an independent federal agency that administers compulsory military service.

Stripe: a piece of braid, usually on the sleeve, indicating military rank or length of service.

Coastguard: a military service responsible for the safety of maritime traffic in coastal waters.

Firing Party: a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution.

Defence: (military) military action or resources protecting a country against potential enemies.

Strategy: the branch of military science dealing with military command and the planning and conduct of a war.

Reenforcement: a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission.

Militarise: lend a military character to (a country), as by building up a military force.

Catalepsy: a trancelike state with loss of voluntary motion and failure to react to stimuli.

Dyschezia: difficulty in defecating (usually as a consequence of long continued voluntary suppression of the urge to defecate).

Requisition: the act of requiring; an authoritative request or demand, especially by a military or public authority that takes something over (usually temporarily) for military or public use.

Cadet: a military trainee (as at a military academy).

Related Words

Armed Forces : کسی قوم کی فوج , Conscious : باخبر , Wilful : جان بوجھ کر , Uncoerced : رضامندانہ , Unpaid : بلا معاوضہ , Willing : چاہنے والا

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