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Wagon Train meaning in Urdu

Wagon Train Sentence

They joined the wagon train for safety.

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1) Wagon Train, Caravan, Train : کارواں, قافلہ : (noun) a procession (of wagons or mules or camels) traveling together in single file.

Related : Procession : the group action of a collection of people or animals or vehicles moving ahead in more or less regular formation. Prairie Wagon : a large wagon with broad wheels and an arched canvas top; used by the United States pioneers to cross the prairies in the 19th century.

Useful Words

Beach Waggon, Beach Wagon, Estate Car, Station Waggon, Station Wagon, Waggon, Wagon : بڑی ڈگی والی گاڑی : a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat.

Boat Train : بندر گاہ پر چلنے والی گاڑی : a train taking passengers to or from a port.

Bullet, Bullet Train : تیز رفتار ٹرین : a high-speed passenger train. "Pakistan needs a bullet train".

Commuter, Commuter Train : ٹرین : a passenger train that is ridden primarily by passengers who travel regularly from one place to another.

Conestoga, Conestoga Wagon, Covered Wagon, Prairie Schooner, Prairie Wagon : مسافر گاڑی : a large wagon with broad wheels and an arched canvas top; used by the United States pioneers to cross the prairies in the 19th century.

Freight Train, Rattler : مال گاڑی : a railroad train consisting of freight cars.

Hospital Train : زخمی فوجیوں کی ٹرین : a military train built to transport wounded troops to a hospital. "Hospital train is leaving".

House-Train, Housebreak : پالتو جانور کو تربیت دینا : train (a pet) to live cleanly in a house. "How to house train a puppy in seven days".

Black Maria, Paddy Wagon, Patrol Wagon, Police Van, Police Wagon, Wagon : پولیس کی گاڑی جس میں قیدیوں کو لے کر جایا جاتا ہے : van used by police to transport prisoners.

Railroad Train, Train : ریل : public transport provided by a line of railway cars coupled together and drawn by a locomotive. "Express trains don't stop at Princeton Junction".

Tea Cart, Tea Trolley, Tea Wagon, Teacart : چائے کی ٹرالی : serving cart for serving tea or light refreshments.

Develop, Educate, Prepare, Train : تربیت کرنا : create by training and teaching. "The old master is training world-class violinists".

Train Dispatcher, Trainmaster, Yardmaster : ریل گاڑیوں کے گیراج کا منتظم : a railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard.

Waggon, Wagon : ویگن گاڑی : any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by an animal or a tractor.

Sleeper, Sleeping Car, Wagon-Lit : ریل گاڑی یا گاڑی جس میں سونے کے لیے انتظام ہوتا ہے : a passenger car that has berths for sleeping.

Wave Train : سلسلہ امواج : a succession of waves spaced at regular intervals.

Convoy : قافلہ : a procession of land vehicles traveling together.

Cavalcade : گھڑ سواروں کا جلوس : a procession of people traveling on horseback.

Motorcade : موٹر کاروں کا عوامی جلوس : a procession of people traveling in motor cars.

Parade, Promenade, Troop : گشت کرنا : march in a procession. "The veterans paraded down the street".

Cortege : جنازے کا جلوس : a funeral procession.

March, Process : جانا : march in a procession. "They processed into the dining room".

Rear : پشت : the back of a military formation or procession. "Infantrymen were in the rear".

Wedding March : برات کے ساتھ چلنے والا جلوس : a march to be played for a wedding procession.

Parade : گشت : a ceremonial procession including people marching.

March, Marching : مارچ کرنا : the act of marching; walking with regular steps (especially in a procession of some kind). "It was a long march".

Flower Girl : بارات پر پھول نچھاور کرنے والی لڑکی : a young girl who carries flowers in a (wedding) procession. "Few flower girls at reception".

Retrain : دوبارہ تربیت دینا : train again. "He is retraining to become an IT worker".

Entrain : ریل گاڑی میں سوار ہونا : board a train.

Streamliner : تیز رفتار بنائی گئی ٹرین : a streamlined train.

Detrain : ریل گاڑی سے اتارنا : leave a train.

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