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1 of 3) Whisk, Whip : پھینٹنا : (verb) whip with or as if with a wire whisk.

Whisk it.
Whisk the eggs.

2 of 3) Whisk : انڈا پھینٹنے والا : (noun) a mixer incorporating a coil of wires; used for whipping eggs or cream.

3 of 3) Whisk, Whisk Broom : کپڑے صاف کرنے کا برش : (noun) a small short-handled broom used to brush clothes.

Useful Words

Horsewhip : کوڑے مارنا , Knout : ہنٹر , Flagellate : کوڑا , Flog : ڈنڈے سے مارنا , Horsewhip : گھوڑے کی چھڑی , Quirt : کوڑا , Flagellate : کوڑے کی طرح کا , Flagellum : کوڑا , Lasher : کوڑا مار کر جانور چلانے والا , Lash : کوڑا , Flagellation : کوڑوں کی سزا , Switcher : کوڑے مارنے والا شخص , Wale : نیل , Broom : جھاڑو دینا , Sweeping : جھاڑو سے صفائی کرنے کا عمل , Besom : جھاڑو , Swamp Oak : پیلے پھولوں والی آسٹریلوی بے پتا جھاڑی , Common Broom : سرسوں جیسا پودا , Wiry : تار جیسا , Gauge : تار کی موٹائی , Wired : تار سے بندھا , Radiotelephone : بے تار ٹیلی فون کا نظام , Phone Tapper : تار نگران , Wire Gage : تار ناپ , Bug : خفیہ طور پر ریکارڈ کرنا , Wire Cloth : تار کی جالی , Radiotelegraph : بے تار برقی ٹیلی گرافی , Wiry : تار جیسے سخت بال , Barb : خاردار , Tie : رسی , Guy : زنجیر

Useful Words Definitions

Horsewhip: whip with a whip intended for horses.

Knout: a whip with a lash of leather thongs twisted with wire; used for flogging prisoners.

Flagellate: whip.

Flog: beat severely with a whip or rod.

Horsewhip: a whip for controlling horses.

Quirt: whip with a leather thong at the end.

Flagellate: having or resembling a lash or whip (as does a flagellum).

Flagellum: a whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor).

Lasher: a driver who urges the animals on with lashes of a whip.

Lash: leather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip.

Flagellation: beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment.

Switcher: a person who administers punishment by wielding a switch or whip.

Wale: a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip); characteristic of many allergic reactions.

Broom: sweep with a broom or as if with a broom.

Sweeping: the act of cleaning with a broom.

Besom: a broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle.

Swamp Oak: Australian leafless shrub resembling broom and having small yellow flowers.

Common Broom: deciduous erect spreading broom native to western Europe; widely cultivated for its rich yellow flowers.

Wiry: of or relating to wire.

Gauge: the thickness of wire.

Wired: tied or bound with wire.

Radiotelephone: telephony that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire.

Phone Tapper: someone who wiretaps a telephone or telegraph wire.

Wire Gage: gauge for measuring the diameter of wire.

Bug: tap a telephone or telegraph wire to get information.

Wire Cloth: fabric woven of metallic wire.

Radiotelegraph: telegraphy that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire.

Wiry: of hair that resembles wire in stiffness.

Barb: the pointed part of barbed wire.

Tie: a cord (or string or ribbon or wire etc.) with which something is tied.

Guy: a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent).

Related Words

Cookery : کھانا پکانا , Broom : جھاڑو , Mixer : آمیزہ کار , Beat : پھینٹنا

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