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ملانا : Milana Meaning in English

Milana Sentences

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Milana in Detail

1 of 15) ملانا ملنا : Blend Coalesce Combine Commingle Conflate Flux Fuse Immix Meld Merge Mix : (verb) mix together different elements.

2 of 15) ملانا گھولنا : Stir : (verb) mix or add by stirring.

4 of 15) ملانا جوڑنا تعلق بنانا : Associate Colligate Connect Link Link Up Relate Tie In : (verb) make a logical or causal connection.

5 of 15) ملانا : Concatenate : (verb) combine two strings to form a single one.

6 of 15) ملانا انضمام کرنا متحد کرنا : Amalgamate Commix Mingle Mix Unify : (verb) to bring or combine together or with something else.

7 of 15) ملانا ہم آہنگ کرنا : Sync Synchronise Synchronize : (verb) make synchronous and adjust in time or manner.

8 of 15) ملانا آمیز کرنا : Admix : (verb) mix or blend.

9 of 15) ملانا جوڑنا : Articulation Join Joint Junction Juncture : (noun) the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made.

10 of 15) ملانا : Tie In : (verb) be in connection with something relevant.

11 of 15) ملانا : Blend Blending : (noun) the act of blending components together thoroughly.

12 of 15) ملانا : Homogenise Homogenize : (verb) cause to become equal or homogeneous as by mixing.

13 of 15) گھولنا ملانا چمچہ وغیرہ چلانا : Stir : (verb) move an implement through.

14 of 15) ملانا : Bring Together Join : (verb) cause to become joined or linked.

15 of 15) ملانا : Bridge Bridge Over : (verb) connect or reduce the distance between.

Useful Words

شامل کرنا : Add : make an addition (to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, size or scope of. "We added two students to that dorm room".

مختلف : Different : unlike in nature or quality or form or degree. "Took different approaches to the problem".

جز : Component : an abstract part of something. "Jealousy was a component of his character".

نسلی علیحدگی ختم کرنا : Desegregate : open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups. "This school is completely desegregated".

پر جوش لیکن جذبات کے بغیر : Soul-Stirring : exciting strong but not unpleasant emotions. "A stirring speech".

اکٹھے : Together : in each other`s company. "Can we have dinner together?".

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