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Wind Harp meaning in Urdu

Wind Harp Synonyms

Wind Harp in Detail

1) Wind Harp, Aeolian Harp, Aeolian Lyre : باد ترنگ : (noun) a harp having strings tuned in unison; they sound when wind passes over them.

Useful Words

Harp : ہارمونیکا بجانا : play the harp. "She harped the Saint-Saens beautifully".

Over : ادھر : at or to a point across intervening space etc.. "Come over and see us some time".

Antique, Demode, Ex, Old-Fashioned, Old-Hat, Outmoded, Passe, Passee : دقیانوسی : out of fashion. "A suit of rather antique appearance".

Sound : آواز : the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause. "Voice isn`t getting through".

Draw, String, Thread : پرونا : thread on or as if on a string. "String pearls on a string".

They : وہ : Used to refer two or more people or things. "They that are bound must obey".

Unison : ہم آہنگی : occurring together or simultaneously. "The two spoke in unison".

Meander, Thread, Wander, Weave, Wind : موڑنا : to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course. "The river winds through the hills".

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