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1 of 3) Winner, Victor : جیتنے والا : (noun) the contestant who wins the contest.

2 of 3) Winner : شرط جیتنے والا : (noun) a gambler who wins a bet.

3 of 3) Winner, Achiever, Succeeder, Success : حاصل کرنے والا : (noun) a person with a record of successes.

Only winners need apply.

Useful Words

Game : کھیل , Win : جیتنا , Draw : کشمکش , Lottery Winner : انعام جیتنے والا , Nobel Laureate : نوبل پرائز جیتنے والا , Walloper : واضع طور پر جیتنے والا , Competition : مقابلہ , Contestee : فاتح , Upsetter : غیر متوقع شکست دینے والا , Also-Ran : ہارنے والا , Election : انتخابات , Cup : کپ , Tournament : باہمی مقابلہ , Stakeholder : وہ شخص جس کے پاس شرط کی رقم رکھی جاتی ھے , Runoff : آخری فیصلے والی دوڑ , Going To Jerusalem : ایک کرسی کھیل جو موسیقی کے ساتھ کھیلا جاتا ہے , Winless : ہار , Winning Streak : جیت کا سلسلہ , Long Shot : وہ کام جس میں کامیابی کی امید بہت کم ہو قمار بازی , Opponent : حریف , Challenger : حریف , Finalist : اختتام تک پنہچنے والا , Baccarat : تاش کا کھیل , Athletic Competition : ورزشی کھیل , Race : رفتار کا مقابلہ , Combat : لڑائی , Eliminate : رد کر دینا , Eliminate : مقابلے سے دستبردار ہونا , Cliffhanger : سنسنی خیز , Pentathlon : پانچ فریقوں یا ٹیموں کے درمیان کھیلوں کا مقابلہ جس میں ہر فریق پانچ مرتبہ کھیلتا ہے , Decathlon : دس ورزشوں پر مشتمل سرتی مقابلہ

Useful Words Definitions

Game: a contest with rules to determine a winner.

Win: be the winner in a contest or competition; be victorious.

Draw: the finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided.

Lottery Winner: the winner of a lottery.

Nobel Laureate: winner of a Nobel prize.

Walloper: a winner by a wide margin.

Competition: an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants.

Contestee: a winner (of a race or an election etc.) whose victory is contested.

Upsetter: an unexpected winner; someone who defeats the favorite competitor.

Also-Ran: a contestant who loses the contest.

Election: a vote to select the winner of a position or political office.

Cup: a large metal vessel with two handles that is awarded as a trophy to the winner of a competition.

Tournament: a sporting competition in which contestants play a series of games to decide the winner.

Stakeholder: someone entrusted to hold the stakes for two or more persons betting against one another; must deliver the stakes to the winner.

Runoff: a final election to resolve an earlier election that did not produce a winner.

Going To Jerusalem: a child's game in which players march to music around a group of chairs that contains one chair less than the number of players; when the music abruptly stops the players scramble to sit and the player who does not find a chair is eliminated; then a chair is removed and the march resumes until only the winner is seated.

Winless: having no wins.

Winning Streak: a streak of wins.

Long Shot: a contestant that is unlikely to win.

Opponent: a contestant that you are matched against.

Challenger: the contestant you hope to defeat.

Finalist: a contestant who reaches the final stages of a competition.

Baccarat: a card game played in casinos in which two or more punters gamble against the banker; the player wins who holds 2 or 3 cards that total closest to nine.

Athletic Competition: a contest between athletes.

Race: a contest of speed.

Combat: the act of fighting; any contest or struggle.

Eliminate: dismiss from consideration or a contest.

Eliminate: remove from a contest or race.

Cliffhanger: a contest whose outcome is uncertain up to the very end.

Pentathlon: an athletic contest consisting of five different events.

Decathlon: an athletic contest consisting of ten different events.

Related Words

Individual : شخص , Contestant : مقابلے میں حصہ لینے والا , Gambler : جواری , Great : بڑا , Highflier : اونچے ارادوں والا

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