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Withdrawal 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Withdrawal Sentence

The withdrawal of French troops from Vietnam.

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Withdrawal in Detail

1 of 5) Withdrawal : دستبردار ہونا Dastbardar Hona : (noun) a retraction of a previously held position.

English Synonym(s) : Backdown Climb-Down

Related : Retraction


2 of 5) Withdrawal : نکالنے کا عمل Nikaalnay Ka Amal : (noun) the act of taking out money or other capital.

Related : Removal

3 of 5) Withdrawal : واپسی Waapsi : (noun) the act of withdrawing.

Urdu Synonym(s) : پسپائی Paspaai

Related : Leaving Retreat Desertion

4 of 5) Withdrawal : علیحدگی Alehdgi : (noun) formal separation from an alliance or federation.

English Synonym(s) : Secession

Related : Breaking Away

5 of 5) Withdrawal : چھوڑنے کا عمل Chornay Ka Amal : (noun) the termination of drug taking.

English Synonym(s) : Drug Withdrawal

Related : Termination

Useful Words

Act Deed Human Action Human Activity : کام Kam : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Capital : دارالحکومت Darulhukumat : a center that is associated more than any other with some activity or product. "Many years ago the capital of pakistan was Karachi but now it is Islamabad"

Money : دولت Dolat : the most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender. "It`s not about money"

Early Former Other : قدیم دور کے متعلق Qadeem Dor Kay Mutaliq : belonging to the distant past. "The early inhabitants of Europe"

Out : دور Doar : away from home. "Get out from there"

Lay Place Pose Position Put Set : رکھنا Rakhna : put into a certain place or abstract location. "Where do I put it ?"

Antecedently Previously : سابقہ وقت میں Sabiqa Waqt Mein : at an earlier time or formerly. "She had previously lived in Chicago"

Abjuration Recantation Retraction : دعوی سے دست بردار ہونا Dawa Se Dast Bardar Hona : a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion.

Fetching Taking Winning : پر کشش Pur Kashish : very attractive; capturing interest. "A fetching new hairstyle"

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