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1 of 3) Worth : اوقات, قدر : (noun) the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful.

He was suffering from depression and told the doctor life is not worth living.
What is your worth?

Related : Quality : an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone. Virtue : any admirable quality or attribute. Worthwhileness : value sufficient to repay time or effort spent.


2 of 3) Worth : قیمت : (noun) an indefinite quantity of something having a specified value.

10 dollars worth of gasoline.

3 of 3) Worth, Deserving : لائق, مستحق : (satellite adjective) worthy of being treated in a particular way.

An idea worth considering.

Related : Worthy : having worth or merit or value; being honorable or admirable.

Worth in Idioms

Worth Your Weight In Gold : Something or someone very valuable, important, or useful..

Useful Words

Dignity, Self-Regard, Self-Respect, Self-Worth : شان : the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. "You are qn educated guy so don`t lose your dignity by fighting with bully".

Deservingness, Merit, Meritoriousness : مستحق ہونا : the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance). "There were many children whose deservingness he recognized and rewarded".

Worthiness : قیمت : the quality or state of having merit or value.

Dishonorableness, Dishonourableness : ذلت آمیزی : the quality of not deserving honor or respect.

Asset, Plus : اثاثہ : a useful or valuable quality.

Rich : عمدہ : of great worth or quality. "A rich collection of antiques".

Evaluator, Judge : قدرپیمائی کرنے والا : an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality.

Appraiser, Valuator : تخمینہ لگانے والا : someone who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things. "That guy is a valuator he valuated my business".

Valuable, Worthful : قیمتی : having worth or merit or value. "A valuable friend".

Largeness, Pretension, Pretentiousness : نخرے : the quality of being pretentious (behaving or speaking in such a manner as to create a false appearance of great importance or worth). "Your pretensions are endless".

Worthy : قابل قدر : having worth or merit or value; being honorable or admirable. "A worthy fellow".

Honorableness, Honourableness : شرافت : the quality of deserving honor or respect; characterized by honor.

Decency : معقولیت : the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable. "He entered without a spark of decency".

Ability : صلاحیت : the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment. "We hired you because of your ability to design houses, but you already messed up the measurement in your first try to make a sketch of house".

Call : کہنا : ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. "He called me a bastard".

Detergence, Detergency : صفائی : detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power.

Collectable, Collectible : جمع کرنے کے لائق : things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique).

Kayo, Knockout, Ko : بےہوش کرنے والا مکا : a blow that renders the opponent unconscious.

Hot Stuff : کافی مقبول : the quality of being popular. "Skiing is hot stuff in New Hampshire".

Rakishness : عیاشی : the quality of a rake.

Hardness, Ruggedness : دشواری : the quality of being difficult to do. "He assigned a series of problems of increasing hardness".

Oneness, Unity : ایک ہونے کی حالت : the quality of being united into one.

High-Grade, Top-Grade, Top-Quality : اعلی : surpassing in quality. "Top-grade ore".

Expressiveness : وضاحت : the quality of being expressive.

Exiguity, Leanness, Meagerness, Meagreness, Poorness, Scantiness, Scantness : کمزوری : the quality of being meager. "An exiguity of cloth that would only allow of miniature capes".

A-One, Ace, Crack, First-Rate, Super, Tiptop, Top-Notch, Topnotch, Tops : عمدہ ترین : of the highest quality. "An ace reporter".

Holiness, Sanctitude, Sanctity : تقدس : the quality of being holy. "The holiness of book".

Dissimilarity, Unsimilarity : اختلاف : the quality of being dissimilar.

Practicability, Practicableness : قابل استعمال : the quality of being usable.

Impregnate, Infuse, Instill, Tincture : کسی چیز سے بھرنا : fill, as with a certain quality. "The heavy traffic tinctures the air with carbon monoxide".

Faithfulness, Fidelity : اخلاص : the quality of being faithful.

Worth in Book Titles

All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan.
The Tassel Is Worth the Hassle: Wit and Wisdom for the Graduate.
Being and Worth.
Incomparable Worth: Pay Equity Meets the Market.

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