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تم کو یہ ماننا پڑے گا

Tum ko ye manna pary ga

Related Sentences

Useful Words

Admit : تسلیم کرنا Taslem Karna : declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of. "I applied for a visa to England but my visa was rejected then I lodged an appeal and my appeal was acknowledged by immigration authority but there is a delay in issuing visa"

Have : استعمال کرنا Estamal Karna : serve oneself to, or consume regularly. "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"

It : یہ Ye : Used of a nonhuman entity. "It is out of the question"

Will : مرضی Marzi : the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention. "I went there on your wish"

اور کتنا انتظار کروں ؟