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زَوال : Zawaalay Meaning in English

Zawaalay Synonyms


Zawaalay in Detail

1 of 6) گراوٹ زوال پستی : Comedown : (noun) decline to a lower status or level.

2 of 6) تنزل زوال کم ہونا : Ebb Ebbing Wane : (noun) a gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number).

3 of 6) گرانا زوال الٹ دینا : Bring Down Overthrow Overturn Subvert : (verb) cause the downfall of; of rulers.

4 of 6) زوال : Degeneration Devolution : (noun) the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power or vitality or essential quality.

5 of 6) زوال بد قسمتی : Bad Luck Misfortune : (noun) unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event.

6 of 6) زوال کا باعث ہونا زوال : Downfall Fall : (noun) a sudden decline in strength or number or importance.

Useful Words

کم بڑھنا : Decline , مقام : Position , صورت حال : Status Quo , پستی : Low Status , اعلی حیثیت : High Status , شادی شدہ یا غیر شادی شدہ ہونے کی حالت : Marital Status , اونچا درجہ : Higher Rank , مرگی یا صرع کی حالت : Status Epilepticus , جادو کے ذریعے کچھ کرنا : Arouse , بکنا : Bring , موڑ دینا : Bring About , شائع کرنا : Bring Out , نیچے لے جانا : Bring Down , واضح کرنا : Bring Out , ساتھ لانا : Bring , سامنے لانا : Bring Up , منتقل کرنا : Bring In , سبب بننا : Bring About , دکھانے لانا : Bring Forth , لادینا : Bring , آنا : Advert , لانا : Bring In , اضافہ کرنا : Add , بازار میں لانا : Bring On , پیدا کرنا : Bring Forth , قائل کرنا : Bring , ملا دینا : Bond , پرورش کرنا : Bring Up , مسئلہ پیدا کرنا : Bring On , قائل کرلینا : Bring Around , ظاہر کرنا : Bring Out

Useful Words Definitions

Decline: grow smaller.

Position: the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society.

Status Quo: the existing state of affairs.

Low Status: a position of inferior status; low in station or rank or fortune or estimation.

High Status: a position of superior status.

Marital Status: the condition of someone whether one is single, married, separated, divorced, or widowed.

Higher Rank: higher rank than that of others especially by reason of longer service.

Status Epilepticus: a condition in which there are continuing attacks of epilepsy without intervals of consciousness; can lead to brain damage and death.

Arouse: summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic.

Bring: be sold for a certain price.

Bring About: cause to move into the opposite direction.

Bring Out: prepare and issue for public distribution or sale.

Bring Down: move something or somebody to a lower position.

Bring Out: direct attention to, as if by means of contrast.

Bring: be accompanied by.

Bring Up: put forward for consideration or discussion.

Bring In: transmit.

Bring About: cause to happen, occur or exist.

Bring Forth: bring out for display.

Bring: go or come after and bring or take back.

Advert: make reference to.

Bring In: bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment.

Add: bestow a quality on.

Bring On: bring onto the market or release.

Bring Forth: bring forth or yield.

Bring: induce or persuade.

Bond: bring together in a common cause or emotion.

Bring Up: bring up.

Bring On: cause to arise.

Bring Around: cause to adopt an opinion or course of action.

Bring Out: make visible.

Related Words

تحقیر : Abasement , اذیت : Trouble , بد قسمتی : Pity , بد قسمتی : Misadventure , سانحہ : Calamity , بد بختی : Adversity , مشکلات : Hardship , برا تجربہ : Knock , کمزور ہونا : Weakening , عروج کے بعد زوال : Anticlimax , متروک پن : Obsolescence , عہدے سے ہٹانا : Depose

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