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Attach meaning in Urdu

Attach Sentence

The spider's thread attached to the window sill.

Attach Synonyms

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Attach in Detail

1 of 5) Attach : منسلک کرنا, جوڑنا : (verb) cause to be attached.

Related : Fixate : make fixed, stable or stationary. Tether : tie with a tether. Fasten : attach to.


2 of 5) Attach : منسلک ہونا, جڑنا : (verb) be attached; be in contact with.

Related : Touch : be in direct physical contact with; make contact.

3 of 5) Attach : جڑا ہونا : (verb) become attached.

Related : Agglutinate : string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language). Join : make contact or come together. Fasten : become fixed or fastened.

4 of 5) Attach, Bind, Bond, Tie : جذباتی تعلق استوار کرنا, مانوس ہونا, انسیت پیدا کرنا : (verb) create social or emotional ties.

Related : Relate : have or establish a relationship to. Befriend : become friends with.

5 of 5) Attach, Confiscate, Impound, Seize, Sequester : قبضے میں لینا, ضبط کرنا : (verb) take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority.

Related : Sequester : requisition forcibly, as of enemy property.

Useful Words

Accompany, Attach To, Come With, Go With : ہمراہ : be present or associated with an event or entity. "French fries come with the hamburger".

Pin : کھونٹا : a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things.

Affix : ملفوظ کرنا : attach or become attached to a stem word. "Grammatical morphemes affix to the stem".

Tether : رسا یا زنجیر سے باندھنا : tie with a tether. "Tether horses".

Binder, Ligature : باندھنے کی شئے : something used to tie or bind.

Pinion, Shackle : ہاتھ باندھنا : bind the arms of.

Band : باندھنا : bind or tie together, as with a band.

Ligate : پٹی باندھنا : bind with a bandage or ligature. "Ligate the artery".

Bind, Hold, Obligate, Oblige : پابند سمجھنا : bind by an obligation; cause to be indebted. "He`s held by a contract".

Encircle, Gird : گولائی میں باندھنا : bind with something round or circular.

Earnest : بیعانہ : something of value given by one person to another to bind a contract.

Enchain : زنجیر سے باندھنا : restrain or bind with chains.

Cement : جوڑنا : bind or join with or as if with cement.

Millboard : مضبوط گتا : stout pasteboard used to bind books.

Lash : رسی سے باندھنا : bind with a rope, chain, or cord. "Lash the horse".

Binder : باندھنے والا : something used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface.

Append, Hang On, Tack, Tack On, Tag On : ساتھ ملادینا : fix to; attach. "Append a charm to the necklace".

Pin Down, Pin Up : پن سے نصب کرنا : attach with or as if with a pin. "Pin up a picture".

Affix, Stick On : لگانا : attach to. "Affix the seal here".

Annex : ملحق کرنا : attach to. "Annex room".

Adjoin : ساتھ لگانا : attach or add. "I adjoin a copy of your my lawyer's letter".

Fasten : منسلک ہونا : attach to. "They fastened various nicknames to each other".

Label, Mark, Tag : کسی چیز پر لیبل لگانا : attach a tag or label to. "Label these bottles".

Clip : کلپ سے جوڑنا : attach with a clip. "Clip the papers together".

Nail : ٹہونکنا : attach something somewhere by means of nails. "Nail the board onto the wall".

Glue, Paste : گوند سے چپکانا : join or attach with or as if with glue. "Paste the sign on the wall".

True Rib : سینے کی ہڈی : one of the first seven ribs in a human being which attach to the sternum.

Ligament : تعلق : any connection or unifying bond.

Bondsman, Bondswoman : ضامن مرد : someone who signs a bond as surety for someone else.

Brooch, Clasp : باندھنا : fasten with or as if with a brooch.

Bolt, Deadbolt : کنڈی : A bar or rod used to fasten a door. "Bolt is not smooth".

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