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1 of 2) Attache : اتاشی, بیرونی ملک میں اپنے ملک کے سفارت خانے سے منسلک خاص شخص : (noun) a specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission.

2 of 2) Attache, Attache Case : بریف کیس : (noun) a shallow and rectangular briefcase.

Useful Words

Air Attache : فضائیہ کا افسر , Foreign Mission : سفارتی وفد , Staff Officer : مشاورتی عملے میں کام کرنے والا افسر , Sonologist : الٹراساونڈ کرنے کا ماہر , Geologist : ماہر ارضیات , Hygienist : علم حفظان صحت کا ماہر , Referral : زیر حوالہ شے , Immunologist : مناعیات کا ماہر , Radiologist : ایکس رے کو سمجھنے والا شخص , Baby Doctor : بچوں کا ڈاکٹر , Missionary : مذہبی تبلیغ کے لئے دوسرے علاقوں میں جانے والا , House Physician : فزیشن , Gynaecologist : ماہر امراض نسواں , Diagnostician : ماہر تشخیص , Rheumatologist : جوڑوں اور پٹھوں کا ڈاکٹر , Cardiologist : ماہر امراض قلب , Urologist : ماہرعلم البول , Pulmonologist : پھیپھڑوں کا ڈاکٹر , Brain Doctor : نیورولوجی میں ماہر , Complementary : تکمیلی رنگ , Radiology : علم تابکاری , Hospital : ہسپتال , Mbbs : ایم بی بی ایس , Anuresis : پیشاب نہ کر سکنا , Smoothly : ہمواری کے ساتھ , Diplomatically : سیاست کاری کے لحاظ سے , Embassy : سفارت خانہ , Emissary : قاصد , Debriefing : تفتیش براۓ حصول معلومات , Demarche : سیاسی پالیسی میں تبدیلی , Aide-Memoire : نکتہ اتفاق

Useful Words Definitions

Air Attache: a military attache who is a commissioned or warrant officer in an air force.

Foreign Mission: a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister.

Staff Officer: a commissioned officer assigned to a military commander's staff.

Sonologist: A sonologist is a medical professional who specializes in the field of sonography or medical ultrasound. Sonography is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses sound waves to create images of internal organs, tissues, and structures within the body.

Geologist: a specialist in geology who specializes in the study of the Earth`s physical structure.

Hygienist: a medical specialist in hygiene.

Referral: a person whose case has been referred to a specialist or professional group.

Immunologist: a medical scientist who specializes in immunology.

Radiologist: a medical specialist who uses radioactive substances and X-rays in the treatment of disease.

Baby Doctor: a specialist who specializes in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. They diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide range of childhood illnesses, injuries, and developmental issues.

Missionary: someone sent on a mission--especially a religious or charitable mission to a foreign country.

House Physician: a physician (especially an intern) who lives in a hospital and cares for hospitalized patients under the supervision of the medical staff of the hospital.

Gynaecologist: A gynecologist is a healthcare professional who specializes in women`s reproductive health and medical conditions related to the female reproductive system.

Diagnostician: a medical specialist who examines tissues, cells, and body fluids to diagnose diseases and conditions. Pathologists play a crucial role in determining the causes and progression of diseases.

Rheumatologist: A rheumatologist is a medical specialist who focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions related to the musculoskeletal system and autoimmune disorders. They deal with a wide range of diseases, such as arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and other connective tissue disorders.

Cardiologist: a specialist in cardiology; a specialist in the structure and function and disorders of the heart.

Urologist: a medical specialist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the urinary system and the male reproductive system. This includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra, and male reproductive organs such as the testes, prostate.

Pulmonologist: A pulmonologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the field of pulmonology. Pulmonology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and conditions related to the respiratory system. This includes the lungs, bronchial tubes, trachea, and other structures involved in breathing and gas exchange.

Brain Doctor: A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders related to the nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, which play a crucial role in controlling and coordinating the body`s functions.

Complementary: either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments).

Radiology: the branch of medical science dealing with the medical use of X-rays or other penetrating radiation.

Hospital: a medical institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care.

Mbbs: MBBS stands for "Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery." It is an undergraduate medical degree awarded to individuals who have completed the academic and practical training necessary to become a medical doctor. MBBS is a common degree designation in many countries, including India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and various other countries following the British medical education system.

Anuresis: a medical term for involuntary urination, particularly at night (nocturnal enuresis) or during the day, beyond the age when bladder control is normally expected. It can result from various factors, including developmental, psychological, or medical issues.

Smoothly: in a smooth and diplomatic manner.

Diplomatically: with diplomacy; in a diplomatic manner.

Embassy: a diplomatic building where ambassadors live or work.

Emissary: someone sent on a mission to represent the interests of someone else.

Debriefing: report of a mission or task.

Demarche: a move or step or maneuver in political or diplomatic affairs.

Aide-Memoire: a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications).

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