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Embassy meaning in Urdu

Embassy Definitions

1 of 2) Embassy : سفارت خانہ : (noun) a diplomatic building where ambassadors live or work.


2 of 2) Embassy : سفارتی وفد : (noun) an ambassador and his entourage collectively.

Useful Words

High Commission : سفارت خانہ , Consulate : سفارتخانہ , Office Block : دفتروں والی عمارت , Ambassadorial : سفیر سے متعلق , Excellency : اعزازی لقب , Smoothly : ہمواری کے ساتھ , Diplomatically : سیاست کاری کے لحاظ سے , Foreign Mission : سفارتی وفد , Attache : اتاشی , Aide-Memoire : نکتہ اتفاق , Demarche : سیاسی پالیسی میں تبدیلی , Strike : ہڑتال , Horsepower-Hour : ;w;t;v واٹ بجلی کا ۱ گھنٹہ , Labor : محنت مشقت , Home : گھر , Bivouac : خیمہ ڈالنا , Lodge In : رہنا , Eke Out : گزارنا , Outlast : زیادہ دیر تک جینا , Coexist : ساتھ رہنا , Couple : شادی شدہ جوڑا , Dwell : رہائش ہونا , Live In : جہاں کام کرنا وہیں رہنا , Neighbor : پڑوسی , Unlivable : ناقابل سکونت , Infest : کثیر تعداد میں رہنا , House-Train : پالتو جانور کو تربیت دینا , Drift : آوارہ گردی کرنا , Endure : زندہ رہنا , Water Snake : پانی کا سانپ , Country : قوم

Useful Words Definitions

High Commission: an embassy of one British Commonwealth country to another.

Consulate: diplomatic building that serves as the residence or workplace of a consul.

Office Block: a building containing offices where work is done.

Ambassadorial: of or relating to or characteristic of ambassadors.

Excellency: a title used to address dignitaries (such as ambassadors or governors); usually preceded by `Your` or `His` or `Her`.

Smoothly: in a smooth and diplomatic manner.

Diplomatically: with diplomacy; in a diplomatic manner.

Foreign Mission: a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister.

Attache: a specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission.

Aide-Memoire: a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications).

Demarche: a move or step or maneuver in political or diplomatic affairs.

Strike: a group's refusal to work in protest against low pay or bad work conditions.

Horsepower-Hour: a unit of work equal to the work done by one horsepower in one hour.

Labor: productive work (especially physical work done for wages).

Home: where you live at a particular time.

Bivouac: live in or as if in a tent.

Lodge In: live (in a certain place).

Eke Out: live from day to day, as with some hardship.

Outlast: live longer than.

Coexist: exist together or live together.

Couple: a pair of people who live together.

Dwell: inhabit or live in; be an inhabitant of.

Live In: live in the house where one works.

Neighbor: live or be located as a neighbor.

Unlivable: unfit or unsuitable to live in or with.

Infest: live on or in a host, as of parasites.

House-Train: train (a pet) to live cleanly in a house.

Drift: live unhurriedly, irresponsibly, or freely.

Endure: continue to live through hardship or adversity.

Water Snake: any of various mostly harmless snakes that live in or near water.

Country: the people who live in a nation or country.

Related Words

Commission : وفد

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