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Chip Off Meaning in Urdu

1. Chip Off - Break Away - Break Off - Chip - Come Off : ٹوٹنا - ٹوٹ جانا : (verb) break off (a piece from a whole).

Flake, Flake Off, Peel, Peel Off - come off in flakes or thin small pieces.

Useful Words

Break - Interrupt : ختم کرنا : terminate. "She interrupted her pregnancy"

Off : بند : not in operation or operational. "The oven is off"

Piece : ٹکڑا : a separate part of a whole. "An important piece of the evidence"

Whole : پورا : including all components without exception; being one unit or constituting the full amount or extent or duration; complete. "Gave his whole attention"

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