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Compensatory Damages meaning in Urdu

Compensatory Damages Synonyms

Compensatory Damages Definitions

1) Compensatory Damages, Actual Damages, General Damages : زر تلافی : (noun) (law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated.


Useful Words

Civil Wrong : حق تلفی , Glaucoma : آنکھ کی بیماری جو دیدہ کو نقصان پہنچاتی ہے , Adjuster : بیمے کے دعووں کو چکانے والا , Comparative Negligence : تقابلی لاپروائی , Trespass : بے جا مداخلت کرنا , Piltdown Hoax : ایک فرضی قدیمی آدمی , Opposition : حزب اختلاف , Crossover : دوغلا , Third Party : تیسری سیاسی جماعت , House Party : گھر کی دعوت , Brigadier : تین سے پانچ ہزار فو جیوں کا افسر , Atonement : کفارہ , Gift : تحفہ , Unharmed : زخم نہ کھایا ہوا , Compensated : تنخواہ یاب , Pro Bono : خیرات , Compensate : تلافی کرنا , Action : قانونی کارروائی , Conception : شروعات , Improbable : جسکا امکان نہ ہو , Reparation : تلافی , Deja Vu : ایک خیال کہ موجودہ صورت حال پہلے بھی واقع ہو چکی ہے , Daybook : کھاتے کی کتاب , Casualty : حادثاتی طور پر زخمی ہونا یا مرنا , Health Care : بیمار کا بیمہ , Damaged : ٹوٹا ہوا , Amends : معاوضہ , Blood Money : خوں بہا , Actually : در حقیقت , Potentially : اختیاری طور پر , Condonation : صرف نظر

Useful Words Definitions

Civil Wrong: (law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought.

Glaucoma: an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision (sometimes progressing to blindness).

Adjuster: one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement.

Comparative Negligence: (law) negligence allocated between the plaintiff and the defendant with a corresponding reduction in damages paid to the plaintiff.

Trespass: a wrongful interference with the possession of property (personal property as well as realty), or the action instituted to recover damages.

Piltdown Hoax: a supposedly primitive man later proven to be a hoax.

Opposition: the major political party opposed to the party in office and prepared to replace it if elected.

Crossover: a voter who is registered as a member of one political party but who votes in the primary of another party.

Third Party: a political party organized in opposition to the major parties in a two-party system.

House Party: a party lasting over one or more nights at the residence of the party`s host where medium to large groups of people gather .

Brigadier: a general officer ranking below a major general.

Atonement: compensation for a wrong.

Gift: something acquired without compensation.

Unharmed: not injured.

Compensated: receiving or eligible for compensation.

Pro Bono: done for the public good without compensation.

Compensate: make amends for; pay compensation for.

Action: a judicial proceeding brought by one party against another; one party prosecutes another for a wrong done or for protection of a right or for prevention of a wrong.

Conception: the event that occurred at the beginning of something.

Improbable: not likely to be true or to occur or to have occurred.

Reparation: compensation (given or received) for an insult or injury.

Deja Vu: the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before.

Daybook: a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred.

Casualty: someone injured or killed in an accident.

Health Care: social insurance for the ill and injured.

Damaged: harmed or injured or spoiled.

Amends: a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury.

Blood Money: compensation paid to the family of a murdered person.

Actually: in actual fact.

Potentially: with a possibility of becoming actual.

Condonation: a pardon by treating the offender as if the offense had not occurred.

Related Words

Jurisprudence : اصول

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